Alice: Otherlands Enlists Once Upon a Time in China's Tsui Hark

The legendary Chinese director will help American McGee bring Alice to the big screen.

News by Mike Williams, .

Only seven days in, the Kickstarter to purchase the rights to create the Alice: Otherlands CG film is just under halfway funded. Thirteen days remain in the funding drive and in an update today, Spicy Horse boss American McGee revealed a new collaborator in the project.

"I'm really happy to announce the presence of one of the masters of kick-ass, famed Hong Kong writer, producer and director, Tsui Hark," he wrote. "Over the years he's given the world a wonderful display of flying kicks, screaming punches, slashing blades and flying stars. Films like Once Upon a Time in China, The Blade, Seven Swords, The Killer, and Detective Dee and the Mystery of the Phantom Flame contain some of my favorite cinematic skull smacking and butt kicking moments."

"Alice wanders in the eye-boggling fantasy land," added Hark. "The madness and violence reveal the inner power of a teenager fighting in a hypocrite world of the adult villains. I can already see the impact of the story as a movie. I'd be more than enthusiastic to participate in any effort to make it possible for Alice to come alive on the big screen. I'd join the team to make this project a wonderful success."

There's no details on Hark's exact role on Alice: Otherlands. The project has a final goal of $200,000 and it currently sits at $95,428.

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