Ask Us Anything: Nintendo in NYC (June 25)

We're headed behind-closed-doors (spooky) and want your Nintendo-related questions!

Interview by John Benyamine, .

Nintendo is holding a post-E3 tour at their NYC headquarters next week and we're attending.

After reading tons of interviews and previews (including our own four-player take on Super Mario 3D World), you may still have some unanswered questions. They may even be related to actual gameplay, since many of us got a chance to play Nintendo's upcoming lineup at Best Buy during E3 week.

Consider this a second chance to get an answer to any questions you still have. We'll use this page to gather all of them and we'll try to get everything answered, either by a Nintendo representative or by USG while we go hands-on with the games on display.

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Let us have your questions, and good luck!

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  • Avatar for Baleoce #1 Baleoce 4 years ago
    Will "snaking" be possible in Mario Kart 8? What are your thoughts on this technique and how do you feel it affects online play balance?
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  • Avatar for Real_Dodgy #2 Real_Dodgy 4 years ago
    I have two questions for Nintendo.

    Nintendo is a storied company with a vast back catalog of IP's, but they rely on mainly a select few IP's - Mario, Zelda, Donket Kong and sometime Metroid and Zelda.

    So my first question is will Nintendo ever get out of it's comfort zone and allow other studios to revitalize old IP's like Rad Racer, Uniracers, Star Tropics, Tin Star, Custom Robo, Drill Dozer and other IP's on Wii U outside of Miyamoto's control? While having Miyamoto is a big benefit for Nintendo, it is also starting to look like a burden. He seem to be out of touch with what consumers want.

    Second question is with the PlayStation 4 priced at $399.99 will the Wii U get a $50 or $100 price cut? If not how does Nintendo plan to compete and get consumers to buy a Wii U at $349.99 over a slightly higher priced PS4?Edited 3 times. Last edited June 2013 by Real_Dodgy
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  • Avatar for TotalHenshin #3 TotalHenshin 4 years ago
    @Real_Dodgy Miyamoto has already stated that Nintendo is seeking to develop more of their existing IPs in-house, i.e. don't count on third-parties working on even old Nntendo IPs. They've also already given a response about the PS4 and gave the usual script on how the Wii U offers a lot of value for its price. I'd personally expect a price-drop, but the official response has just been script reads.
    @Baleoce I believe it was Reggie who was asked about this before and they commented saying that they felt they fixed the issue in Mario Kart 7 and that they'll iterate and refine, but they think they've removed that from being the problem it was with MK Wii.

    My question for Nintendo: Nintendo's already admitted to having some problems with the transition to HD (e.g. Smash Bros.), and not all the teams at Nintendo have made HD software yet either. For those teams, do not third-party collaborations with first-party make more sense? How can, for example, the consumer feel confident that Mario 3D World won't suffer the same delay Pikmin 3 has had when neither of the Tokyo teams have produced an HD title yet?

    I anticipate some script from my queries, but I'm hoping some of the specifics will catch them off-guard.Edited June 2013 by TotalHenshin
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  • Avatar for Chromie #4 Chromie 4 years ago
    So the obvious question would be where is the account system? This is my 3DS Home Menu.

    I love digital downloads. I support the eshop and while I never have lost a console before I still would like a proper Nintendo account. Is there any progress on an account system? I'm fine with waiting I just wanna hear something.

    Second, does Nintendo have any plans to help localize more Japanese games? I can't wait for Bravely Default but I would also love to see Fantasy Life, E.X Troopers and Dragon Quest VII come stateside.

    Last can I join you guys for a drink!
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  • Avatar for Baleoce #5 Baleoce 4 years ago
    This is (I guess) a joke question, but it's my favourite game of all time. Ask them to buy the rights for an action-adventure RPG owned by Climax Entertainment called "Landstalker", and revitalize it. They're doing nothing with the IP, and there was a reboot promised in 2006 for the PSP which never surfaced. (My inner 13 year old wants this to happen..). It shares some similarities with Zelda, and has an isometric perspective, and they'd do an awesome job with it on 3DS ;) (Feel free to disregard this >.>)
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  • Avatar for jamesscottbeatty06 #6 jamesscottbeatty06 4 years ago
    I have 2 quick questions:
    Are there any plans for Zelda DLC? Maybe even for Wind Waker HD?
    I think there would be a market for something along the lines of Tetra/Pirate adventure DLC where you traverse the great sea as Tetra with her crew. No new assets would have to be made so it should be simple enough.
    2nd question, Will we see another 3D mario on the wii U during it's lifetime? Perhaps something more along the lines of Galaxy?
    3D world looks like a lot of fun, but it isn't impressive, at all, especially compared to Galaxy. I feel like EAD team is being held back by having to add multiplayer into the game, I know they are capable of so much more.
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  • Avatar for CallousB #7 CallousB 4 years ago
    1. Very few of the Wii U games at E3 used the second screen in any meaningful way, few of your own games (certainly in regards to single player)need it at all. If you yourselves are not utilising the second screen then wouldn't it be wiser to sell the gamepad as an add-on...and drop the hardware price by $100?
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  • Avatar for --- #8 --- 4 years ago
    How does Nintendo deal with criticism? It's been said by many gamers Nintendo's way too childish, they're playing it too safe by reusing the same IPs such as Mario and Zelda and not making new ones much or not using beloved classics like Star Fox or F-Zero enough and of course making "inferior" hardware. When people tell you what they think is "wrong" what do you do? Do you listen, ignore, take it to heart or what?
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  • Avatar for TriforceLightning #9 TriforceLightning 4 years ago
    When can Nintendo fans expect unified accounts across all Nintendo platforms and are there any plans in the near future to create new IPs in genres that Nintendo does not make themselves. For example: Sports,action, FPS and racing games.
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  • Avatar for CallousB #10 CallousB 4 years ago
    2. Sharing user created content is very popular these days. Mario Kart 8 is the 3rd iteration in the series to have a touchscreen available to the user.....why have you not utilised this and allowed people to draw, design and share their own tracks.?Isn't that the sort of functionality the would sell the gamepad to consumers?
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  • Avatar for CallousB #11 CallousB 4 years ago
    3.Mario Kart 8 would seem an obvious game to implement DLC in. Can we expect new Cups to be released as DLC every few months?
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  • Avatar for Real_Dodgy #12 Real_Dodgy 4 years ago

    Do you work for Nintendo? If not please let Nintendo answer my question.

    Also, if your going to qoute what Nintendo has already said please provide links.
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  • Avatar for laxking97 #13 laxking97 4 years ago
    @Real_Dodgy I don't know where any links are, but what he said (at least to you) have all been mentioned in the past few weeks I believe.

    Question: With Luigi U taking NSMBU and completely changing the game with DLC, is there any chance of seeing that happen with other games? Taking the base game that will be similar, but also changing it enough to make it almost a whole new game.
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  • Avatar for Asif-A-Khan-CPA #14 Asif-A-Khan-CPA 4 years ago
    My questions for Nintendo:

    Why has Nintendo done nothing with the Near Field Communications abilities in the Wii U Gamepad?

    Why has Nintendo not said anything recently about supporting two Gamepads on the Wii U?

    Will Nintendo release a new Wii U Gamepad with multitouch, better battery life, and a 1080p display?

    Why has Nintendo not made any meaningful acquisitions or secured more exclusive 3rd party titles with their cash horde?

    Will they reaffirm their profit outlook?

    What will happen in the C Suite if they do not meet internally set expectations for this fiscal year?

    Lastly, will Nintendo ever release another Nintendo Cereal System?
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  • Avatar for CallousB #15 CallousB 4 years ago
    4. Nintendo are often seen as behind the times in regards to online gaming and you seem to want to correct that...yet so many Nintendo games that would be perfect for online play seem not to include an online mode. Nintendoland was screaming out for online multiplayer yet you seemed to insist on keeping it offline. Super Mario 3D world and Wii Sports U seem ideal candidates fir online modes as well. Can't Nintendo give us both offline and online modes so we can play them against others whenever we want..rather than restricting them to the few times we're able to get a bunch of people together. Microsoft and Sony were able to add online to their "tributes" to Wii Sports...can we expect Wii Sports U to finally have that functionality?
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  • Avatar for CallousB #16 CallousB 4 years ago
    5. Nintendo have a vast amount of popular IP's and seemingly a low amount of 3rd party support. Would it not be worthwhile for Nintendo to lend those IP's free of charge to a number of publishers/devs to ensure a better flow of titles? Mario Soccer from Konami, Super Mario Bowl from EA, Mushroom Kingdom Hearts from SQUARE, PokeMonster Hunter from Capcom, LEGO Mario,LEGO Zelda and LEGO Metroid from WB , Super Mario/Super Smash Bros Paintball to Valve etc. You need more games so why not be more genourous with your IP's to ensure support?
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  • Avatar for AzureBlueJay89 #17 AzureBlueJay89 4 years ago
    - Has Nintendo noticed the #EndRegionLocking and #NintendoRegionFree messaging campaign that has targeted both its Miiverse and Twitter in the last few days? What are their current opinions on the matter?

    - With regards to Smash Bros. 4, have there been any previously neglected franchises that Sakurai and his team have been meaning to look into for more Smash representation? Would it be possible to suggest that a franchise with appeal or history on only one side of the world (StarTropics for the west, Murasame Castle for the east for examples) has a fair shot when looking for characters to fill the roster or multiple awards in those games?

    - Nintendo has frequently talked about collaborations with third party developers on their own franchises. Are these long term plans for the Wii U lifetime? And, to be more specific, what of Hideki Kamiya of Platinum Games' wishes to work on Nintendo's Star Fox and Murasame Castle franchises? What is the process like when an external developer shows interest in handling IPs such as those?

    - Has Nintendo been working on unifying system purchases to a unique account as opposed to being linked to the hardware the purchase was made on?
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  • Avatar for AzureBlueJay89 #18 AzureBlueJay89 4 years ago
    - With regards to the outgoing nature of Nintendo towards indie developers, will we eventually reach a point where the indie games being developed for the Wii U and 3DS will get their own dedicated "Nintendo Directs" (or Indie Directs) in the future? Seeing Mr. Iwata specifically mention them in a highlight reel during the E3 Nintendo Direct felt like a good move that more people would appreciate when built upon.

    - Has Nintendo ever considered handing out devkit consoles to schools/colleges and after school facilities in order to acquaint a new generation of gamers/game enthusiasts or general craftspeople in the arts or computing sciences with the ins and outs of game development? What would it take to undergo a movement that widespread? Do you feel as though giving the tools to the youth would result in a better appreciation for the technicality that goes into game design?
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  • Avatar for Mad-Mage #19 Mad-Mage 4 years ago
    The 3DS firmware update's license agreement forces the user to agree to allow Nintendo to "remotely disable the system from functioning" if it is deemed the user has hacked the system or "used an unlicensed device with it". Many people feel this is unlawful, and just a downright horrible way to treat consumers. Can you elaborate on when and why Nintendo might "brick" someone's 3DS? Has it happened?
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  • Avatar for Mad-Mage #20 Mad-Mage 4 years ago
    Hey people posting questions: this is a forum to ask Nintendo things, NOT to give Nintendo advice in the form of a question. Questions that are "Don't you think it would be a good idea if you did X?" are not helpful and probably won't get asked.
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  • Avatar for tav7623 #21 tav7623 4 years ago
    I have 2 questions I'd like to see answered and both pertain to the Wii U Virtual Console service.

    1. Will the service eventually support non-Nintendo consoles (Genesis, Neo Geo,etc.) like the Wii Virtual Console service did?

    2. Will there eventually be a unified VC app where all the system emulators and user's purchased VC games can be accessed?Edited June 2013 by tav7623
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  • Avatar for Mad-Mage #22 Mad-Mage 4 years ago
    Is Nintendo aware you can't change from 4:3 to widescreen in Wii mode, without backing out and changing the resolution in the Wii U settings? Will there ever be a fix to this, since many people like to play games in their native resolution and not stretched out?
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  • Hi nintendo please make wiiu and 3ds region. Why not make more new IP's that or more story driven and darker then most of your IP's this would creat a good balance. X from Monolith Soft is a game in the right direction.
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  • Avatar for Prophet6000 #24 Prophet6000 4 years ago
    Will the wiiU be having more features such as crossgame chat and a music player for custom music support?
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  • Avatar for Mario73 #25 Mario73 4 years ago
    Hello Regginator,
    why does the wiiu not have an Overall achievement system. achievements and trophys are fun in a game and make a game last longer and showing my abilities to friends is always so much fun.
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  • Avatar for Machetazo #26 Machetazo 4 years ago
    The Wario platformer series has not seen a new big adventure for a long time. Do you have plans to send the notorious treasure-hoarder back out into action, away from the office at Warioware Inc?

    Please, do attempt to ask Nintendo about adopting a region-free position on their platforms. Encourage them to let the World play the world of Nintendo!Edited June 2013 by Machetazo
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  • Avatar for xandaca #27 xandaca 4 years ago
    Retro Studios were originally bought by Howard Lincoln to create the kinds of Western audience-focused games which Nintendo struggled with. Since then, they've developed three Metroids and two Donkey Kongs, all excellent but familiar Nintendo brands. Given their obvious talent, will Retro ever be allowed to create their own game series at a time when many Nintendo fans are asking for new IP?

    If a second question is allowed: given Sony and Microsoft's next generation consoles will both be region free, will Nintendo consider offering their fans this same privilege?
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  • Avatar for Furealz #28 Furealz 4 years ago
    One thing I wonder is if cross-platform communications will return this year with Wii U and 3DS like GCN and GBA! :/
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  • Avatar for chaosyoshimage #29 chaosyoshimage 4 years ago
    Is there an ETA on GBA or N64 titles on the Wii U Virtual Console? Or any plans to speed up the current Virtual Console release schedule?
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  • Avatar for TotalHenshin #30 TotalHenshin 4 years ago

    "Obviously in the past we’ve tried to work with other companies, where we’ve let them develop games for us in franchises like Star Fox and F-Zero, but the more we think about it, the more we prefer to be able to create those games internally, on our own." More of this IGN interview, and relating to what's being discussed, has been revealed today, so here's the link for that:

    Could of sworn I read one of Nintendo's responses to the price differential and saying the system still offers great value, but regardless here's Reggie saying he's not concerned with Sony or MS's business model or the price differential:

    No need to be overly sensitive. I would think you'd simply be happy that there are already answers to your questions.Edited June 2013 by TotalHenshin
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  • Avatar for Fresh_Paprika #31 Fresh_Paprika 4 years ago
    With Nintendo funding and publishing a 3rd party IP like Bayonetta 2 as well as the Fatal Frame series, does the company have any other plans to work with other 3rd parties in order to develop or revive their IP?

    For example, Shenmue III has been struggling to find funding for years now, though the demand for it seems high, it's a special one of a kind IP. Klonoa is another series where interest for sequels exists by the developers and fans.

    Also, add me to the list of people wanting to know why they stick to region locking their products? and why their account system is locked into one system, in the consumers expense?
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  • Avatar for plsburydoughboy #32 plsburydoughboy 4 years ago
    While the GamePad and the Pro Controller are great controllers, I feel that Nintendo is sorely lacking in having a proper arcade joystick. It would go a long way in getting more fighting games in the system, as well as provide a better arcade experience for many Virtual Console games.

    Now, I am aware that Wii arcade joysticks that connect to the WiiMotes are compatible with the Wii U, but would you consider making GamePad arcade joysticks? Place all the triggers on top with the face buttons, make a single ball or beadtop joystick, and add two smaller analog sticks on each side?

    Aside from providing users more options, a GamePad arcade joystick could also open up new gameplay possibilities for the Wii U. It wouldn't replace the GamePad since certain features like Panorama view and tilting the controller would not be tenable, but it would still be a great controller. It would be a premium purchase, but I'm sure for many it would also be a welcome one.

    If not you, I strongly urge you approach Hori or MadCatz about making this controller themselves. Thank you for your time.
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  • Avatar for aaronights #33 aaronights 4 years ago
    I very much agree, I would love for the Region Locking question to be posed to Nintendo. They are now the only console on the market that has enforced Region Locking.

    Also, I'd be interested to know if another version of the Wii U Gamepad, perhaps with a bigger screen, would be something Nintendo would look into. Are third parties able to make alternative Gamepads?

    But for sure, the all important Region Locking question should be very high on your list!

    Thanks, love what you guys are doing with the site here!
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  • Avatar for novo1858 #34 novo1858 4 years ago
    I just seriously want to know when my 3ds and Wii u accounts will be linked. Its just silly that after buying mega man on 3ds I'm not able to play it on Wii u. It is technically so easy to do for such a large company, that it really comes across as blatant exploitation.
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  • Avatar for PK-Strawstorm #35 PK-Strawstorm 4 years ago
    Is there any way we'll ever get button-mapping for 3DS NES and Game Boy downloads? We already have it for Game Gear games, and it's glorious. Especially on the XL systems, preferred button layouts are gonna differ widely from person to person, hand size to hand size. I've stopped buying NES games on 3DS because, as Mr. Parish knows, it makes games like Mega Man 4+ and his charge shot hard and, most importantly, not fun to handle.
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  • Avatar for Cheesemeister #36 Cheesemeister 4 years ago
    I'd like to echo the others requesting that region-locking be brought up.

    Region-locking only serves to frustrate paying customers willing to pay good money for legitimate software. Lack of language choice, single-region titles, and souvenir purchases are all issues that need not exist. International families and those deployed abroad in the military are needlessly impacted.

    Sony and Microsoft both know better than to put up artificial barriers to purchasing products on their platforms. Isn't it about time Nintendo does the same and make the Wii U & 3DS region-free?Edited June 2013 by Cheesemeister
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  • Avatar for Keyouta #37 Keyouta 4 years ago
    Region locking should be brought up. Nintendo is the only hardware manufacturer to have region locking, and it very much upsets fans.

    People live in a global, connected world, and not giving people choice of what they want to buy seems like bad business. How much money is lost from people not having the freedom to buy from where they want to?

    Let's say I was in Japan and bought a 3DS or Wii U, or I was in Europe and bought a console. I'd return home only to find I can't use any games I buy here in Canada on it, and that's horrible. What if I moved to Japan/Europe/Aus, and brought my consoles with me? I'd be able to use Sony and Microsoft's, but not Nintendo's. Then they won't get any more game sales from me. Do they want to lose those sales?Edited June 2013 by Keyouta
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