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Watch the Public Get Starcraft II Casters Smashed

What's more humanizing than watching famous people make a fool of themselves?

As the week winds down to a close, how better to start the weekend than by watching a Starcraft II casters play the game in a state of extreme intoxication?

Nick "Axslav" Ranish and Alex "Axeltoss" Rodriguez both serve under Major League Gaming's rather expansive banner. While Axeltoss is probably best known for his copious fondness for mustard, Axslav is also known for his prowess in the competitive scene. However, all that is completely irrelevant. What is important to know is that the dynamic duo is perfectly okay with the idea of imbibing massive amounts of alcohol on channel. Why? I don't know. Because, I suppose. Because.

Today, Axslav is taking challengers from the general public. Should a community member succeed in trouncing him, he takes a shot of whiskey. At first blush, many would think this an impossible challenge but Axslav has, at the time of writing, quaffed nine servings already. Many more, it seems, are due to follow. (Interestingly, the original idea involved only Axslav swigging whiskey but it looks like both parties have decided to share the libations. I can only assume it is because Axeltoss isn't willing to let a friend suffer alone. Ahem.)

It's an absolutely titillating watch. Both Axslav and Axeltoss are making no attempts to conceal the fact that it's all getting to their head; water and alcohol is getting confused a fair bit. And the best part about all this? There's something called the Handicap coming up after this session.

Curious about how it'd all end? The Twitch.TV stream is waiting for you right here.Alternatively, you can always join Channel MLG to help encourage the madness.

P.S: If you arrive on this post late, don't fret. The Punishment and the Handicap will apparently take place again next week.

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