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Cognition: An Erica Reed Thriller Coming to Steam

Supernatural adventure game makes it through Valve's Greenlight process and onto Steam.

By Pete Davison. Published 9 months ago

The latest batch of titles to successfully make it through Valve's controversial Greenlight program have been announced, and among them is Phoenix Online Studios' excellent supernatural adventure game series Cognition: An Erica Reed Thriller.

For those unfamiliar with Cognition, it's a four-episode series of adventures starring the titular heroine, who is blessed (or perhaps cursed) with the power of "post-cognition" -- the power to touch an object and see its past. The series sees Erica investigating a series of cases in which it becomes apparent someone is leaving clues specifically for her. Who knows her secret, and why are they leading her somewhere?

Cognition's graphic novel-style art gives it a very distinctive look.

Point and click adventures have been undergoing something of a resurgence recently, but Cognition is particularly noteworthy for a couple of reasons. Firstly, the developer Phoenix Online Studios was previously responsible for the excellent unofficial-but-Roberta-Williams-approved King's Quest spinoff The Silver Lining. Secondly, Jane Jensen, of Gabriel Knight and Gray Matter fame, acted as story consultant on the new game -- and as anyone who played her previous games will know, Jensen has some serious storytelling credentials.

The game features artwork from Romano Molenaar, who has previously worked on X-Men, Batman and The Darkness; music from Austin Haynes, who previously worked on The Silver Lining; and voice acting from actor/singer/songwriter Raleigh Holmes.

Three of Cognition's four episodes are currently available direct from Phoenix Online Studios store, with the fourth set to follow soon. It's honestly surprising it's taken this long for the game to get Greenlit, but better late than never, I suppose.

Cognition should be live on Steam very soon; in the meantime, you can find out more on the game's Greenlight page.

The best community comments so far 4 comments

  • renatocosta90 9 months ago

    This is awesome news. The cognition games might not be perfect (first episode seems a bit too padded and the second one seems lacking content, sometimes), but they striked the balance very well in the third episode.
    The Phoenix Online studios has it's collective heart in place and is bringing genuine effort and care into an adventure game that feels logical (and yet supra-natural, because of the cognition powers), cohesive and mature.
    I do recommend this game if you like adventures and actually thinking. Even though it has a hint system implemented it is very useful to keep a notepad and a pencil around for the puzzles/case information. The game doesn't go off handholding you, but doesn't feel opaque (and that balance is striking).
    So, once again, I urge you to play it. Maybe soldier through the first episode fetch-quest drivel. The underlying story and character development and actual thoughtfull puzzles will make you love this game, I'm sure

  • Kadrom 9 months ago

    I started following POS with the Silver Lining, glad to see them finding some success with their original work.

  • craigy 9 months ago

    Really like the art style. Keen to see some gameplay footage to see how it looks in motion.

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