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Custom-Designed Xbox Ones Sighted

Think Xbox One is a bit dull in its native form? Then these fancy ones might pique your interest! Or not.

By Pete Davison. Published 5 months ago

The Xbox One will not support Xbox 360-style removable faceplates, but there will, it seems, be several custom-designed variants on the console available. Initially, the Ryse, Forza and Dead Rising 3-branded models are exclusive to a competition run by Mountain Dew and Doritos (yeah, I know); it's not yet known if similar models will be available for purchase separately.

Here's some low-resolution shots of the Dead Rising and Forza models, spotted by Gamepur -- there currently don't seem to be any larger images floating around, unfortunately, so apologies for their pixel-tastic nature:

What do you think? Do you want one, or would you rather keep the Xbox One as the sleek, plain black box it's been known as up until now?

As we get closer to the release of the new consoles, don't forget to check out our features on the best Xbox One and PlayStation 4 launch titles, and stay tuned to USgamer in the coming weeks for our thoughts on the next generation as it gets well and truly underway.

The best community comments so far 6 comments

  • YaMoBeThere 5 months ago

    Anyone can paste screenshots of a game on a console, these are lame.

  • Jaz_Rignall 5 months ago

    @YaMoBeThere But don't you appreciate all the hard work and creativity that's been put into hand-crafting these unique pieces of art? Or as non-marketing people would say, "someone slapped some stickers on it".

  • Jonny5Alive7 5 months ago

    I saw a white Xbox One with black trim that they're giving away to charity, that looked pretty slick. These ones look pretty awful though.

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