Destiny 2 Won't Have Cross Save Between PC and Console

Pick your poison, because that's the one you're locked into.

News by Mike Williams, .

With Destiny 2 finally coming to PC for the first time, fans may be wondering if the game allows for any cross-saving. If you play on PC and later decide to switch to PlayStation 4 or Xbox One to take in some Strikes with friends, what options are available to you?

Apparently none. Bungie has confirmed that there will be no save transfer between the PC and console versions of Destiny 2. When asked if players were pretty much locked into their choice, Destiny 2 art director Mike Zak simply replied, "Yeah."

"Hopefully, you're going to find a platform where you've got friends and stick to that one," Zak told USgamer. "If you don't, you can use our new Guided Games system for clans to make new friends."

So make your choice wisely, because once you've made it, you're stuck there. I'd say that the PC is the better option.

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  • Avatar for internisus #1 internisus 11 days ago
    Damnit. I'm super bummed about this. Even if nothing but my character's appearance is preserved—even if there is not a single acknowledgment reward for veteran players—I still want the peace-of-mind that comes from knowing that the history of what I've done in Destiny is contained within the same account I'll be using to play Destiny 2.

    I also want to be able to switch between PC and PS4 to play the sequel with friends I've made on the console with the first game, as well as to enjoy some classic controller comfort and that pleasurably Bungie aim assist.

    Still, I spent quite a bit of time looking for an answer to this a few hours ago, and I'm glad to definitively know how it will (and won't) work instead of being left to wonder for months. Thank you for asking this question.Edited 2 weeks ago by internisus
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  • Avatar for Thetick #2 Thetick 11 days ago
    I'll get ps4 and pc is sale anyway. Ps4 is where my clan is, but i wouldn't mind the better visuals on pc, just to run around.
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  • Avatar for giorgoslianoscobhc79 #3 giorgoslianoscobhc79 11 days ago
    @internisus PC has uncapped fps, fov slider, keyboard and mouse, while ps4 has none of these. that means PC has many advantages over the console. that's why you can only play on 1 platform. did you really think that you would be able to switch between ps4 and PC? who put you this idea? this will never happen in any game. you can do that only with PC and xbox, and not with all gamesEdited 2 weeks ago by giorgoslianoscobhc79
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  • Avatar for giorgoslianoscobhc79 #4 giorgoslianoscobhc79 11 days ago
    @Thetick PC won't have just better visuals. it will have fov slider, uncapped fps, plus keyboard and mouse is better than controller. it will be a better gameplay experience than consoles. plus it will have some changes to make gun play to feel like proper PC port. at least that's what they say. we'll see about that
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  • Avatar for Thetick #5 Thetick 11 days ago
    @giorgoslianoscobhc79 ff14 has pc and ps4 cross play and saves.
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  • Avatar for internisus #6 internisus 11 days ago
    @giorgoslianoscobhc79 I'm not talking about PC players and PS4 players being able to play with each other at the same time. I'm talking about picking up and continuing with your character and progress and loot from any platform.
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  • Avatar for chrissmith83 #7 chrissmith83 11 days ago
    @giorgoslianoscobhc79 You need to learn the difference between CrossPlay and CrossSave. CrossPlay are both players playing simultaneously. CrossSave is similar to what Xbox 360 and Xbox One did for Destiny 1, meaning you can go from platform to platform without having to start over.
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  • Avatar for WiIIyTheAntelope #8 WiIIyTheAntelope 11 days ago
    I pick to keep my $60 firmly in my pocket.

    Fool me once, or so they say.
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  • Avatar for SatelliteOfLove #9 SatelliteOfLove 10 days ago
    Like with Fighters and crossplay, this is damn near mandatory in 2017.
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  • Avatar for WilliamMartin- #10 WilliamMartin- 8 days ago
    I'm flawlessly ready to play it on PC if that is the place my firends go, yet to the detriment of not having the capacity to likewise appreciate the amusement with my PS4 companions that.... write my assignment I'd favor it not come to PC by any stretch of the imagination. An amusement like Destiny 2 Won't Have Cross Save Between PC and Console on the off chance that they're going to have diverse variants like this.
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