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Does Sonic Lost World Have the Worst Pre-Order Bonus Ever?

Pre-order Sonic Lost World and you'll find yourself with something largely useless.

Pre-order bonuses vary enormously in quality... and in fairness.

The best pre-order bonuses provide players with collectible bits and pieces that enthusiastic players can use to commemorate the fact that they were there, day one, with the latest installment in their favorite franchise, or with the latest work from a favorite studio.

The worst pre-order bonuses feel like content has been excised from the game, or that you need to buy several copies of the game from several different outlets in order to get the "full" experience.

Sega appears to have taken things one step further, however, with quite possibly the worst pre-order bonus of all time if you choose to grab the Wii U version of Sonic Lost World from Amazon: 25 extra lives or, as they call it, "a safety net for the risk-taking Sonic player."

Need a safety net? Pre-order!

Actually, this isn't the only thing you get if you pre-order from Amazon: you also get your game upgraded to the "Deadly Six Edition," which includes the "Nightmare" DLC pack. This includes an extra level featuring Nightmaren enemies drawn from Sega's Saturn classic Nights into Dreams, and battles against the titular Deadly Six -- so it's perhaps not so bad.

Let's take a look at that "extra lives" DLC, though. The sheer existence of this content is bizarre, given how irrelevant the concept of "lives" is in modern gaming; indeed, at the recent Eurogamer Expo, the developers of both Velocity 2X and Assault Android Cactus noted that they had specifically removed lives from their games because it simply makes for a more enjoyable experience that way. Consider recent games you may have played, too; outside of an RPG, when was the last time you saw a "Game Over" screen? They're even getting rarer in RPGs; many modern games of this type -- particularly those from Japan -- favor an immediate "retry" option rather than requiring that the player reload a save.

Lives are a largely irrelevant construct these days due to the fact that we're not playing arcade machines any more. Lives were originally incorporated into arcade games as a means of limiting how much a player could play in a single session without having to pay again, but in a different way to how freemium games use energy mechanics these days; lives also rewarded skilled play by only being lost if the player made a mistake, and in many cases could be extended by fulfilling certain conditions, whereas freemium energy bars deplete regardless of skill.

The main reason that lives are largely obsolete these days, however, is because the size of most modern games necessitates they use a save system. Running out of lives is consequently meaningless, because you can just reload a saved game, making any "game over" screen utterly irrelevant -- unless, of course, you're going for a permadeath system that wipes your save file if you run out of lives. It is, let's face it, unlikely that Sega will take that approach with Sonic Lost World, however.

Ultimately, though, this DLC isn't really hurting anyone -- so long as it doesn't mean Sonic Lost World incorporates freemium-style play throttling mechanics whereby you run out of lives and either have to wait for hours or pay up to be able to continue playing. Please don't do that, Sega; that would be the worst thing to happen to Sonic since [insert your least-favorite 3D Sonic game here].

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