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Dragon's Crown Cross-Play Patch Now Available

Now PS3 and Vita owners can play together as the gods of hack-and-slash always intended.

By Pete Davison. Published 6 months ago

In the world of multiplayer gaming, there are few things more frustrating than picking up an exciting new game only to discover that all your friends have bought it on a different platform to you.

In the case of console-only titles, it's usually an easy decision; it's a fair bet that a significant proportion of people interested in playing online will probably be plumping for the Xbox version, since the combination of Xbox Live's good community features and the fact that most popular online-centric games get exclusive content on Xbox is usually too much to resist for those who own all the major platforms -- even taking Live's requirement that you have a Gold subscription to play online into account.

With games like Dragon's Crown that split their audience across a console and a handheld, though, it's a little more difficult to pick which version to go for. Dragon's Crown in particular has pros and cons for both versions -- the PS3 version allows for local multiplayer and looks lovely on a big screen, while the game's arcade-style gameplay and the fact it's friendly to short play sessions make it eminently suitable for portable gaming on the go.

Until now, those two audiences have been cut off from one another; once you reach a point in Dragon's Crown where you can team up with other players online, you've been limited to only those players on the same platform as you. No more, however, since Atlus has just released a new patch for the game that allows Cross-Play functionality -- in other words, PlayStation 3 and Vita owners can now play together in any combination.

The new patch comes shortly after the delayed European release of the game (via NIS America, since Atlus doesn't have a European publishing arm), meaning that players all over the world can now start adventuring, hacking and slashing together. So if you've been pondering which version of this enjoyable brawler to pick up a copy of, now you don't have to worry where all your friends are -- simply pick up whichever version you think you'll enjoy more.

The best community comments so far 1 comment

  • lonecow 6 months ago

    I bought it for PS3 and then bought a Vita mostly just to be able to play on the go. This is the greatest game I've played in a long time.

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