Ex-King of Fighters Devs Launch Crowdfunder for New 2D Fighter

Three former SNK/King of Fighters staffers need your help to make the 2D fighter they've always wanted to make.

News by Pete Davison, .

There are plenty of fighting games out there, but everyone has their favorite style.

Some prefer the jiggly boobs and counter-heavy gameplay of the Dead or Alive series; some prefer the 3D weapons-based combat of Soul Calibur; others still prefer how the Street Fighter series and its spinoffs have remained resolutely 2D in gameplay terms over the years despite ever-improving visuals.

The King of Fighters series is, I must confess, one which has always passed me by somewhat, but I know there are a lot of SNK fans out there -- and it's to these people a recently-launched crowdfunding project may be of interest.

Three ex-SNK/King of Fighters staffers have been working on a 2D fighter called Yatagarasu Attack on Cataclysm for the past six years. It is, according to press release hyperbole anyway, the fighting game that they've always wanted to make, and is already in a fully playable state, including eight characters, old-school pixel-art visuals and a dynamic commentary system whereby "celebrity fighting game commentators" (currently Japanese-only) will make appropriate comments on your play and that of your opponent, making for a more "sport-like" experience.

Here's a trailer for the last major Japanese version, which released in January of this year.

The team isn't satisfied with what it has at present, however, and wants to add new characters and new game features, along with producing a version specifically for arcades in Japan. Not only that, but they want to fund an English language version of the game with the help of Japanese indie games localization specialist Nyu Media. Nyu has previously brought us a series of high-quality Japanese doujin games including shooters Ether Vapor Remaster and The Tale of Alltynex, brawlers Fairy Bloom Freesia and Croixleur, and the excellent "Persona without the fighting" adventure Cherry Tree High Comedy Club, so it's fair to say the team there knows what it's doing when it comes to bringing Japanese titles to the West.

To fund this last stretch of development, Nyu Media has launched an Indiegogo campaign to raise the $68,000 the team needs to realize its ambitions. Stretch goals include the addition of new music; rebalancing and tweaking of existing characters; new characters; French, Italian, German and Spanish localizations alongside the English version; and support for the NESiCAxLive digital distribution system, helping the arcade version become more widespread while keeping costs of physical manufacture down.

You can check out full details of the campaign and pledge your support here; $10 is the minimum you'll need to secure yourself a copy of the game when it releases in February of next year.

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  • Avatar for helpfulmole #1 helpfulmole 4 years ago
    It looks I imagined it would. Seriously though, that trailer music was some silly stuff. I don't think I would go that route for the international market.
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  • Avatar for aaronpinsley40 #2 aaronpinsley40 4 years ago
    Sigh. I realize that Japanese projects can't use Kickstarter, but I'm always wary of indiegogo's partial funding policy. I'll probably go in on this anyway, but probably not at more than the $40 level.
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