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Game of Thrones Goes Retro-Old-School-Platform-Style

The first person to make any kind of comment about the impending arrival of the cold season will be sent to Joffrey and used as a target practice dummy.

By Jaz Rignall. Published 7 months ago

When it comes to head-rolling, arm-stump-waving, family-stabbing, fleet-of-ships-exploding, pot-of-boiling-gold-on-the-noggin action, Game of Thrones has got you covered. It's one of the most entertaining TV shows in years. However, the same can't be said for the sad, shambling mess of a game that was rushed out to cash in on the show's huge appeal at the end of last year.

But wait! Here's a Game of Thrones game that looks fun. Created by Abel Alves. a Spanish comic artist currently residing in Uruguay, his game of Game of Thrones is a classic, retro-take on the series in the form of an old-school platform game. Whether it looks more 8-bit or 16-bit is arguable, but I'm sure everyone can agree that its price tag is a winner: the princely sum of absolutely nothing. Meaning I can avoid making some hideous, cliched comment about Lannisters and debt repayment. Huzzah!

Here's a video, so you can see what it's like, and if you fancy downloading it, here's the source.

Thanks to Game Informer for unearthing this.

The best community comments so far 7 comments

  • Captain Gonru 7 months ago

    I was digging on the soundtrack, but the gameplay... I mean, how do you do a retro-inspired game and not go with something more in the Romance-style tactical conquest game? "Romance of the Seven Kingdoms" just seems so obvious to me.

  • pjedavison 7 months ago

    Winter? Please. The summer festival just started in Final Fantasy XIV. Bikinis and mankinis everywhere.

  • WillowWolf 7 months ago

    When they say '8-Bit' I hope they're talking about the music, because otherwise, it seems quite a bit more than 8-Bit.

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