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GTA Online Beach Bum DLC Available Now on 360

The new content includes two new weapons, four vehicles, new jobs and new appearance options. The PlayStation 3 version is imminent, too.

On the off-chance you're still playing Grand Theft Auto Online, you may be interested to know that the first content update is now available for free on Xbox 360, with a PlayStation 3 version to follow within 24 hours.

The previously announced Beach Bum pack includes two new weapons -- a new pistol and a broken bottle melee weapon -- along with three beach vehicles, a new boat and "lots" of new jobs to take on, including beach-themed races, deathmatches, parachutes, survival challenges and more.

This could be you.

The new weapons and cars will also be added to the game's single-player mode for you to enjoy offline, too. Rockstar is still planning a number of significant content upgrades for the game, including the Content Creator, which allows you to create your own jobs; co-operative Heists, which were the reason most people started playing online in the first place; and a Capture the Flag mode. Apparently there is also some single-player story mode content on the way, too, though it's not yet known if this will be free like the multiplayer DLC.

In order to access the Beach Bum pack, you'll need to update your copy of Grand Theft Auto to version 1.06 through a 64MB patch, then download the 33MB Beach Bum DLC separately. The title update should appear automatically on Xbox 360 when you start Grand Theft Auto V; it should be live on PlayStation 3 by tomorrow, along with the DLC.

The release of the Beach Bum pack marks Rockstar officially moving on from the troubled multiplayer mode's debacle of a launch and looking to the long-term future of the game. Those who were eligible for the $500,000 Stimulus Package should now have received their virtual money, too, which should keep everyone who's still playing happy for a while.

Are you still playing Grand Theft Auto Online? Or did the game's numerous teething troubles put you off, never to return?

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