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A New Breakthrough with Pokemon X/Y Hacking

We now know what Generation VI Pokemon's digital DNA look like. Yeah, science!

Those of you who have been exulting over the absence of hacking in Pokemon X and Y may want to soon build a funeral pyre for your happiness. We're one step closer to deconstructing Generation VI Pokemon, folks. One step closer.

To put things into context, the owner of Pokecheck Xfr along with one of his administrators Bond697 recently managed to, while working to update Pokecheck, successfully dump and decrypt some of the new Pokemon files. In other words, the community kinda now knows what makes up the analogical genetic structure of a Pokemon. (Certain variables appear to be unknown still) While all this might sound like the kind of stuff only Pokemon biologists would be interested in, discoveries like these are what catalyzed today's understanding of shiny Pokemon and and the extravagantly intricate mechanics of breeding.

Full documentation of what they unearthed can be found on the Project Pokemon Wiki. But on the off-chance you were only looking for an abbreviated version, here's what's new:

  • Box pkxs are now 232 bytes, as opposed to 136 previously.
  • Pkxs store the current owner + the original OT for a given pokemon.
  • The encryption on the pkx files works slightly differently.
  • Hatched eggs save the moves they hatched with separately for the move relearner.

Speculations are already running rife. Some forum goers are requesting cross-examination of Pokemon X and Y's files in a bid to determine, once and for all, if there are more Megas and Pokemon buried in the code while others are busy trying to figure out if this is going to be irrefutable proof that we will never see a remake of Pokemon Ruby. Minor fear-mongering aside, it looks like we're still a fair distance from having to worry about Pokemon X and Y going down the same route as Pokemon Black and White. Save files are, for the time being, still hallowed ground. Phew.

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