Heroes of Dragon Age Brings Series to Mobile

What? Did the headline make you leave already? It could be good!

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So, Bioware has revealed the tie-in social game for the newest Dragon Age, Heroes of Dragon Age. The free-to-play title is being developed by EA Capital Games, formerly known at Bioware Sacramento and Klicknation. Klicknation's previous titles were about a different kind of hero: the studio previously worked on the Facebook game Superhero City and the Supreme Heroes card-battle game for Android and iOS. The game allows you to collect heroes via in-game accomplishments or microtransactions, not unlike a card-battle game.

This is not the first time EA and Bioware have gone this route. The publisher launched Dragon Age: Journeys alongside Dragon Age: Origins. The game was a browser-borne, turn-based RPG developed by EA 2D. I remember playing the game since it unlocked items in Dragon Age: Origins; Journeys was actually a ton of fun for a little browser RPG. A bit of Diablo-esque exploration, some simple choices, decent team building, and a strategic turn-based combat system, all combined to make a surprisingly enjoyable spin-off.

You can still play Dragon Age: Journeys as EA never bothered to take the game down. I recommend you give it a try if you have a 10 minutes free.

It's not beautiful, but Dragon Age: Journeys was a decent waste of time.

The company's second outing, the BioWare San Francisco-developed Dragon Age: Legends, didn't fare as well. The Facebook game unlocked items for Dragon Age II, but it was chore to get anywhere. It was built upon the same gameplay found in Dragon Age: Journeys, but with much slower advancement and higher difficulty. Without a ton of friends also playing the game, players were forced to turn to microtransactions to progress.

EA removed Dragon Age: Legends from Facebook last year, asking players to move over to Age of Champions, another Klicknation-developed title. The publisher did throw fans a bone and made Dragon Age: Legends available as a downloadable title. It's quite possible that single-player, offline Dragon Age: Legends is a fantastic game, but I certainly don't have the time to try it out.

So where will Heroes of Dragon Age fall? I'll certainly check the game out; I'm that guy who plays all these little spin-off games in the name of broadening my experience with a world and maybe getting some cool in-game items. It doesn't always work out for me as Mass Effect: Infiltrator and Dead Space for Android were just okay, but as long as the price is low (or free!), I'm up for it. Of course, that's probably why the second-screen gaming trend doesn't bother me; I acknowledge that I may be alone in this respect.

Heroes of Dragon Age is coming this Fall for Android and iOS.

Have there been any mobile or social tie-in games that you particularly enjoyed or is the entire idea a desert of endless devastation for you?

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  • Avatar for dr134 #1 dr134 4 years ago
    I was interested, then I saw EA and free-to-play in the same sentence. No longer interested.
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  • Avatar for MHWilliams #2 MHWilliams 4 years ago
    @dr134 Come back! Don't leave me here alone!
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  • Avatar for twopenny #3 twopenny 4 years ago
    Anyone willing to brave mobile tie-in games has certainly proved their mettle--though probably not their sanity. I guess I'll try it, but only to prove I'm not a coward--when it comes to playing mobile tie-ins, specifically.
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  • Avatar for HerbertBaker #4 HerbertBaker 5 months ago
    It's quite possible that single-player, offline Dragon Age: Legends is a fantastic game. read here
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