Horror Adventure Home Hits iOS

Creepy psychological horror title Home comes to mobile platforms, with all its unnerving atmosphere intact.

News by Pete Davison, .

Benjamin Rivers' creepy, heavily-pixelated, surprisingly inventive horror experience that is Home -- no PlayStation Home jokes, please -- has come to mobile platforms, meaning you can take your scares on the go with you.

Home is an interesting take on the horror genre. It's creepy, get-under-your-skin horror of the Silent Hill 2 mold rather than the spring-loaded cat scares of the early Resident Evil games, but it's genuinely disturbing nonetheless -- at least in part due to the fact that the game is deliberately designed to not give you any concrete answers. Rather, the way the game is structured means that you're constantly questioning what's going on and putting your own interpretation on the game's events -- a very clever narrative device that I haven't seen replicated in quite the same way ever since.

Home is definitive evidence that even giant pixels can make your skin crawl.

To say too much about how Home does things would be to spoil the experience significantly, so I'll refrain from mentioning anything specific. I will, however, note that the whole experience is only a couple of hours long at most, so it's something you can easily play through in an evening -- and it's one of those games that very much benefits from being played in a single sitting. In the dark. With headphones on.

And when you've finished the game, be sure to swing by the official What Happened? page to see whether your interpretation of events matches up with what everyone else thought. You might be surprised how differently you see things from other people!

Home is available now from the App Store for $2.99. You'll need at least an iPad 2, iPad Mini, 4th generation iPod Touch or iPhone 4 to run it.

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