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How Does PlayStation 4's Launch Stack Up Against History?

Is the PlayStation 4 too expensive? How's its lineup? We compare Sony's latest console to its older siblings.

With less than three weeks to go before Sony launches the PlayStation 4, we don't have long to wrestle with the greatest launch day question of all: "Is it worth it? And if not, should I cancel my preorder?"

Rather than tell you how to spend your money (what do we look like, financial advisors?), we'd prefer to simply lay out the facts and let you make an informed judgment for yourself. We've assembled a ton of information about Sony's previous console launches, from the original PlayStation through last year's PlayStation Vita debut, and assembled them into pretty infographics for easy digestion, even including inflation-adjusted pricing for the sake of cost comparisons. This is strictly about the U.S. launches, because... well, did you see what the site's called? I mean, really now.

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