USG PSA: Infinity Blade Novella Continues Brandon Sanderson's Story

The Wheel of Time author is about to release his second Infinity Blade novella. You should read the first.

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Chair Entertainment and Epic Games are telling me that Brandon Sanderson's second Infinity Blade novella, subtitled Redemption, is coming on September 9, 2013. It'll release first on iBooks on September 3, but you might be like me and not have an iOS device. In that case, the real release date is September 9, when it touches down on platforms like Amazon Kindle. The book follows Sanderson's Infinity Blade: Awakening, which you can still pick up for a jaunty $2.99 on Kindle. It's only 122 pages, so it's a quick read!

The book tells the tale of Siris, the latest sacrifice to the almighty God King. It's a story you should be familiar with if you've played the game, but Sanderson gives the tale a bit of much-needed depth.

"As an avid gamer for most of my life, I've been thrilled at the chance to be involved in the Infinity Blade project," said author Brandon Sanderson in the press release. "It gives me a chance to geek out in a new way, and it allows me to explore storytelling in this new world where different types of media can merge, get shaken up, and enhance one another."

Why am I telling you this instead of leaving it up in the feed? Because Brandon Sanderson is the best goddamn fantasy author alive today.

While that fellow with the television show about the sudden deaths of everyone with a soul is very good, Brandon Sanderson's stories are generally more uplifting. Yes, people die and the bad guys occasionally win, but there's a joy in the telling. You believe good will win eventually, despite evil's actions.

I first heard of Sanderson when he was chosen to finish off Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time series after the death of the author. I picked up his Mistborn trilogy to see what he was made of and was blown away. Sanderson digs down deep into his literary worlds, defining how they work with a clear set of rules in addition to strong, inventive plots. And he's prolific! Since his debut in 2005 with the standalone novel Elantris, Sanderson has written 14 books and 6 novellas. His biggest book is The Way of Kings, sitting at over 1,000 pages.

So this is my public service announcement to you. Pick up the first Infinity Blade novella on your service of choice, and pre-order the second one on iBooks. Or wait until it releases on Kindle, like a decent human being.

And Infinity Blade: dungeons is still cancelled. Sorry.

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  • Avatar for PreposterousWhitey #1 PreposterousWhitey 4 years ago
    Love the idea behind this. Would love something similar to be done for Lost Odyssey's Thousand Years of Dreams, even if it was just a reprint of the material from the game.

    I've not read anything by Sanderson, but I have a powerful urge to do so on your recommendation.
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  • Avatar for MHWilliams #2 MHWilliams 4 years ago
    @doctorhair Yeah, I love expanding the mythology through novels, if the authors are good. Eric Nylund's Halo novels, for example, were pretty decent.
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  • Avatar for whitestreak #3 whitestreak 4 years ago
    The only things I've read of Sanderson's are the final books of the Wheel of Time. I must say, I think he's horrible. The language is poor, the characterization facile, and his whole way of writing seems to be an endless stream of Moments of Awesome and catering to fans. There is absolutely no real substance.

    But maybe that's just me.
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