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Knights of Pen and Paper +1 Launches on Steam

Satirical role-playing game makes its way to Steam for PC and Mac... but beware of the microtransactions!

Knights of Pen and Paper, a self-aware role-playing game about people who play tabletop role-playing games, has been available for iOS and Android for some time now, but PC and Mac owners can now jump in to the new "+1" version.

For those who haven't encountered the game before, Knights of Pen and Paper is a satirical role-playing game in which rather than taking on the role of characters in a fantasy world, you take on the role of players taking on the role of characters in a fantasy world. You'll control the whole group throughout your quest -- including the dungeon master -- and take on an array of turn-based challenges presented in adorable pixel art.

The "+1" part of the title refers to the enhanced new content that has been added for the PC and Mac versions -- and retroactively added for free to the earlier iOS and Android editions. There are new options for character customization, a longer campaign, new areas to explore and new game features such as dungeon raids.

It's a fun little game, but one best enjoyed as a "snack" between longer play sessions of something a bit more deep and serious.

One mildly annoying thing about the new computer versions of the game is that they cost $9.99, while the iOS and Android versions cost $2.99. Given that the new content has been added to the mobile editions via free update, there's honestly relatively little reason to spend the extra money on the PC/Mac version if you have an iOS or Android device, since they're the same game, and one which was originally designed for touch interfaces at that.

This issue is symptomatic of the problem with mobile game pricing that we talked about the other day -- mobile gamers would not have paid $10 for this game, but PC and Mac gamers are expected to. That doesn't seem altogether fair, particularly when the PC/Mac version also incorporates the same odious "get more gold" microtransactions as its mobile counterpart -- a fact received rather poorly by the Steam community -- and doesn't mention this fact anywhere on the store page. For shame!

Still, if you don't mind a bit of grinding and/or microtransactions, it's a fun time with a charming art style if nothing else. Check it out here.

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