Lee Jackson Returns for Rise of the Triad Reboot

The original composer for Apogee's chaotic first-person shooter is returning to help the reboot's team reimagine his classic tracks.

News by Pete Davison, .

The original Rise of the Triad perhaps wasn't the most technologically-advanced first-person shooter when it was released, but it was one of the most fun.

I spent a hefty number of hours playing both the shareware and full versions of Apogee's high-energy shooter, relishing every moment that I was wandering around on precarious floating platforms, transforming into dogs and turning enemies' testicles into a fine paste using an enchanted baseball bat called -- what else? -- Excalibat.


The game itself was a lot of fun, but what made me keep coming back time after time was the fantastic soundtrack, composed by Bobby Prince and Lee Jackson. Prince and Jackson made the MIDI soundchips of the mid-'90s absolutely sing with their fantastic compositions, with "Goin' Down the Fast Way" remaining one of my favorite "first level" songs of all time; its frantic, fast-paced energy and driving rhythms getting me well and truly in the mood for Rise of the Triad's high-speed fever-dream gunplay every time I booted the game up.

These fond memories make the news that Lee Jackson is helping out the team working on the upcoming Rise of the Triad reboot at Interceptor Entertainment rather exciting to me. Jackson is working with Interceptor's composer Andrew Hulshult in an advisory capacity as they reimagine classic tracks from the original game in a hard and heavy thrash metal style. The new music brings the old tracks right up to date while maintaining their original distinctive sound and energy -- entirely appropriate for the reboot, which does exactly the same for the game itself.

If you've got an hour to spare, you might want to check out the video below, in which the guys from Interceptor chat with Jackson about the good old days of game music, and how this aspect of the medium has changed considerably over the years.

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