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Left 4 Dead Developer Reveals New Game

"Evolve" is an asymmetrical co-op game that pits four human players against one powerful alien.

By Pete Davison. Published 3 months ago

The Left 4 Dead series may be forever associated with Valve, but really it's independent developer Turtle Rock Studios that deserves the glory.

The team originally worked on the Counter-Strike series and subsequently put together Left 4 Dead for Valve, so it's pretty fair to say that the team has a lot of experience in putting together multiplayer experiences that people want to play. And play. And then play some more. And mod. And play even more.

With that in mind, the prospect of a new game from these talented folks is an exciting one -- and, as Game Informer revealed today alongside its new cover, that's exactly what we're getting in the form of Evolve, an alien-themed sci-fi game that sounds suspiciously similar in concept to Alien: Isolation, also officially revealed to the world earlier today.

"Rawwwwwr!" "No, you're doing it wrong. RAWWWWWWWR!"

Unlike Alien: Isolation, however, which pits a single player against a single computer-controlled alien, Evolve pits a team of four human-controlled alien hunters against a single alien monster, also controlled by a human player. Said alien grows larger and more powerful as the game continues -- hence the game's title -- and it's up to each side to attempt to obliterate the other by fair means or foul.

Games with asymmetrical roles for players are an interesting concept, and one which is just now beginning to be explored through titles such as Evolve. It's a lot more common for all players to be on the same side and compete against the AI in a cooperative game -- though notably, it's not a new idea to Turtle Rock: Left 4 Dead included an asymmetrical "Versus" mode in which one team of players took on the role of the humans, and the others the role of the "special" zombies that showed up amid the hordes of cannon fodder.

To encourage replayability and flexibility, each of the alien hunter characters will have their own items and abilities to make use of, while presumably the alien will be able to evolve in various different ways as it attempts to take down its rivals.

Details on the game are relatively slim at the minute, but we do know it's coming to PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 this fall. Looks like one to keep an eye on for sure!

The best community comments so far 2 comments

  • brionfoulke91 3 months ago

    I've never liked the Left 4 Dead series, but this actually sounds kind of interesting. But it also sounds easy to screw up, so I'll be paying attention to whether they can actually pull it off.

  • Architecture 3 months ago

    Was this the game Clint Hocking was working on before he left his post at Valve?

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