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Lunch Break Special: Ending, Minimalist Puzzler-Meets-Roguelike

Today's Lunch Break Special is a minimalist puzzle-game-meets-roguelike-like called Ending. Prepare to die. Lots.

By Cassandra Khaw. Published 9 months ago

Aaron Steed's Ending is a roguelike distilled into its most basic components. There is no equipment to worry about, no statistics to juggle. You're neither level up nor learn the names of your executioners. All you can do is to survive to the next level.

Much like Steed's other great roguelike-like Red Rogue (which is free, and absolutely amazing), Ending uses a monochromatic palette. Unlike Red Rogue, the world of Ending is considerably more claustrophobic, a fact that gets progressively more accentuated as you progress deeper and deeper into the game. Though limited in movement by Ending's turn-based structure, the various enemies you encounter will remain menacing characters; one false move and you're dead. No questions asked.

It's here that Ending turns into a bit of puzzle game. How do you progress without being rendered into minced pixels? Foes will one-shot you should you turn the wrong way. However, if you succeed in navigating directly into a weak spot (i.e: where their business ends are not pointed), you'll be able to do the same to them. In spite of the apparently simplicity, there is a surprising amount of variety in regards to the homicidal conundrums you will encounter.

Devoid of unnecessary exposition, Ending is a clever, minimalist jaunt into the heart of an unnamed dungeon. We recommend ordering an Oreo milkshake with this. Or, just, you know, having a cup of black coffee. With white sugar.

Yeah. Er. Just go play the game already.

The best community comments so far 4 comments

  • MaterialDefender 9 months ago

    I played a bit as a quick break, and this quickly becomes addictive. Just the right amount of elements to quickly pick up, and a robust design to get all the mileage possible from those elements. Worth sitting down and devoting a bit of time to exploring this game.

  • pupuzuken 9 months ago

    These are the best game mechanics I've seen in a while. The sound effects are also great and really help making it satisfying to just move around and "kill" things

  • futurememory 9 months ago

    This is freaking awesome. More positioning puzzle than roguelike (although isn't part of the fun of playing a roguelike attempting to escape by maneuvering yourself correctly?) and I really love the graphics.

    I'm loving this feature on the site!

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