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Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes to Feature PlayStation-Exclusive "Deja Vu" Mission

I hope you like low-poly models.

By Pete Davison. Published 5 months ago

Hideo Kojima's espionage hero Snake has been through some significant changes over the years.

I hesitate to say he's got "prettier" because each new generation of hardware appears to have just made him more hairy and wrinkled than anything else, but he's certainly got more detailed over the course of his last few adventures.

If you're planning on playing the upcoming Metal Gear Solid V prequel chapter Ground Zeroes on a PlayStation platform, you'll be able to revisit the gruff hero's past, less detailed glories in some Sony-exclusive content. Announced at Sony's PlayStation 4 launch event last night, Hideo Kojima confirmed that the "Deja Vu Mission," as the exclusive content is known, is not DLC, but is instead one of the game's "side ops" that complement the main story. Non-Sony platforms will have a selection of these additional missions to undertake, but the Deja Vu Mission is exclusive to PlayStation.

Details are relatively scarce right now -- Kojima says a more detailed trailer is coming tomorrow -- but so far we know that the mission incorporates the low-polygon version of Solid Snake from 1998's Metal Gear Solid on PlayStation 1, and a guest appearance from an equally pointy-shouldered DARPA chief Donald Anderson. Kojima says the mission will involve much more than just throwback character models -- it will see you exploring a "Shadow Moses-ish [Ground Zeroes] base."

The announcement of the special mission for PlayStation owners wasn't quite the "mindblowing" Metal Gear news that fans were hoping for at the Sony event, but it's a nice bonus for those playing on the platform's spiritual home since 1998.

Here's a few screenshots dug up by our sister site Eurogamer:

One big question: will Kojima get David Hayter back to voice Pixel-Face... sorry, Classic Snake?

The best community comments so far 2 comments

  • cscaskie 5 months ago

    I'm just hoping that the physical retail disc for the PS4 version of Ground Zeroes that was shown for Japan makes its way Westward as well. Unless I read the news wrong afew weeks ago, it sounded like the PS4 version in the US was going to be download only.

  • lonecow 5 months ago

    That's a totally different character. Solid Snake not Big Boss. What the hell is going on with this franchise? Why not just set a game past MGS4 timeline with all new or mostly new characters. Then they wouldn't have even had to worry about replacing Hayter anyway. I have been a MG fan since the NES game, but I can't muster up even an inkling of excitement for this game.

    They have squeezed every bit of convoluted story juice possible out of these characters.

    The only thing I can imagine, is that ALL of this is a red herring, and the prologue segment is Big Boss, and the other half will actually end up being Solid or a brand new Snake clone set way after MGS4. There has to be something else to all this, it can't just be another prequel.....Edited November 2013 by Unknown

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