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Nintendo Has Ceased Production of the Wii

The company's "blue ocean" console finally ends its production run.

The Nintendo Wii first launched in 2006, an interesting little system with the a new console scheme. Casual gamers took to the console - and its Wii Sports pack-in - instantly and it ended up being a success. The system just crossed the 100 million consoles sold worldwide benchmark in September, putting it just behind the original PlayStation and around 55 million console behind the PlayStation 2. Either way, it's good company to be in.

Nintendo of Japan changed the official product page for the Nintendo Wii to read "生産終了" today. According to Kotaku's Japanese correspondent Brain Ashcraft that reads as "seisan shuuryou," which translates to "production ended". The Wii will still be sold in stores, but no more consoles will be made.

So, that's it for Nintendo's best-selling home console, with the Nintendo DS and Game Boy beating that number and the 3DS continuing to sell well for the company. In April of this year, Nintendo gave us worldwide sales numbers and the 3DS was sitting at 31 million units sold. Last month, the portable passed the Wii in Japan, with 12.7 million sold to the Wii's 12.69 million.

I'd say it was a pretty good run, even if that run has been cut short compared to the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Yes, this generation has been longer than previous generations, but the 360 just had a new revision, the Xbox 360 E, released this summer. There's still life left in older consoles, as shown by the fact that FIFA 14 actually came out on PlayStation 2 this year. Nintendo seemed hellbent on abandoning the system as soon as the Wii U came out, which perplexed me at the time. But judging by the Wii U's current performance, the latter system is something they need to focus all their efforts on.

This is where you chastise me for the games I didn't get.

My humble collection wasn't huge, but I can say that every game was different. Super Mario Galaxy, the definitive versions of Okami and Resident Evil 4, Xenoblade Chronicles, and Super Smash Bros Brawl were all great games. All told, I think I got my $249's worth and I don't regret waiting in line on launch day to pick one up. I got enough family and personal fun out of the system and all my games still run on my Wii U.

What's in your Wii collection and are you sad to see the Wii leave the playing field so early?

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