Officially Licensed Mega Man Board Game Coming Next Year

The Blue Bomber is a big hit on Kickstarter.

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Kickstarter's not just a platform for video game developers frustrated with the current publishing model to find alternative means of funding; among other things, it's also a thriving hub of exciting new tabletop gaming projects.

In fact, while we're still waiting to see the results of a number of high-profile video game Kickstarter projects, board gamers have been happily enjoying the fruits of their crowdfunding labors for some time now, with a wide variety of successful projects demonstrating that crowdfunding is a particularly good solution for that medium.

Now, though, the video and board game worlds have collided with a new project from Jasco Games: an officially licensed Mega Man board game.

Jasco claims that the game will be a "side-scrolling board game" for 2-8 players that aims to do several things: capture the feeling of playing a single-player Mega Man game; ensure that all players around the table have things to do, even when it's not their turn; and provide a party game feel that is high on interaction, betrayal and backstabbing.

Playing the game involves challenging each of the Robot Masters' boards, revealing challenge tokens and playing cards from your hand to overcome these challenges. At the same time, your rivals around the table will be playing their own cards to hinder your efforts, potentially causing you to fail challenges or lose lives along the way. Come "boss battle" time, all players compete against one another, with the spoils -- the Robot Master's powers -- going to the last robot standing. Play continues until someone challenges Dr. Wily, at which point a final battle takes place and a winner is declared, assuming Dr. Wily is defeated.

It seems there are a lot of people out there excited about the prospect of a Mega Man tabletop game, since with a whole 37 days left to run on the Kickstarter project, there are already 1,322 backers who have pledged over $160,000 between them. This is over twice the $70,000 Jasco was asking for to be able to put the game together, and so we're well into "stretch goal" territory already -- so far Jasco has announced that it will be using the additional funds to add additional Robot Master stages, power cards and alternative Mega Man playing pieces for those who purchase the "Deluxe" edition of the game.

Jasco estimates that final versions of the game will ship out in October of next year, so you've got a while to wait before you'll be playing with The Blue Bomber's tabletop incarnation. If you'd like to pledge your support -- or simply see how they could possibly adapt Mega Man into a tabletop game -- check out the Kickstarter page here.

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