Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 - Gold Gnome Lever Puzzle Solution

Turn the dial to earn rare gnome rewards.

Guide by Larryn Bell, .

Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 has endless secrets for players to uncover. One major secret comes in the form of a lever puzzle in the Chamber of Gnomes. For this guide, we will show you how to solve the lever puzzle and earn some rare gnome rewards.

The lever puzzle is found in a secret room at the back of the Chamber of Gnomes. This room is only accessible once you have completed the Gnome Man’s Land Achievement and have collected all 54 Gold Gnomes throughout the game. Check out our guides for details on how to access the Chamber of Gnomes if you have not done so already.

Once you have collected all 54 Gold Gnomes, a door will open within the Chamber of Gnomes behind the large gold statue. This room contains three chests that do not require stars to open. While standing at the entrance to this chest room, turn around and look above the doorway for a mushroom-covered button. Shoot the button to reveal another hidden room behind the center chest. This new room contains the lever puzzle that we will help you solve in this guide.

The lever puzzle consists of three levers that correspond to a large dial in the center. Solving the lever puzzle requires gathering clues from other hidden areas throughout the backyard. We’ll first start with the logic behind solving the puzzle, and then we’ll provide the solution. If you simply want to know the solution, then feel free to skip to the bottom of this guide.

The first lever puzzle clue is found in the Crazy Targets Range within the sewers. You must spend five stars to unlock the door to the Crazy Targets Range if you have not opened this area yet. Use the Character Closet in the range to switch to a character with high jumping capability, such as Super Brains. Then, press the Start button to begin the Crazy Targets course.

Continue to shoot the targets until you reach the second target stage, and hop over the barrier to walk into the target area itself. Jump over the pads to reach a platform behind the upper targets. Turn right, and shoot the wooden boards covering a hole on the wall. This will reveal a hidden room that contains a single chest on the left.

Behind the chest, there are four large circles mounted on the wall with several dot patterns on each. These are your first clues. Each of these dot patterns correspond to a constellation in the night sky over the Flag of Power in the backyard. Wait until night sets over the backyard, and look up to locate each dot pattern constellation.

Next, you will need to find another secret room within the sewers. To reach this room, you must drop down over a railing in the sewers onto a copper pipe, then warp across the toxic sludge to reach another pipe on the far wall. Follow the instructions in our Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 Free Coin Chests Guide for details and images for reaching this location.

Once you have discovered this hidden room in the sewers, look up and examine the ceiling. There are several shapes along the edge of the ceiling that correspond to the constellation dot patterns in the night sky from earlier. Use the model of the Backyard Battleground in the center of the room as a clue for which way you should be facing when looking up at the sky. Stand at the Flag of Power and face the Town Hall, then align the shapes on the ceiling with the placement of the constellation patterns on the night sky above you.

How to Input the Lever Puzzle Solution

Aligning the constellations with the correct shapes from the hidden room will reveal the four shapes that you must use on the puzzle wheel. The solution is as follows: Watering Can, Flamingo, Fence, Plant Pot.

To solve the lever puzzle, you must turn the wheels to have them face each of these shapes in the correct order. The center lever switches between the four wheels, while the left and right levers turn the active wheel in those designated directions.

Starting with the outer wheel, use the left or right lever to rotate the wheel until it points to the Watering Can at the bottom of the octagon. Proceed with the same steps for the next three wheels, pointing each of them to the Flamingo, Fence, and Plant Pot, in that order.

After you have input the solution, pull the center wheel once more to finalize your input. If you have input the correct solution, the wall will open, revealing yet another hidden chamber. This new room contains several free chests for the taking, as well as a mysterious gnome hat on a pedestal in the center.

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