Post-Apocalyptic Furry Carnage in Dusty Revenge

Do you feel the world is short of hyper-violent bunnies? PD Design Studio has got just the game for you.

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Correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm not sure we've had a good game about a bunny going on a homicidal rampage since Cliff Bleszinski's old-school hit Jazz Jackrabbit.

Enter Dusty Revenge, from Singaporean developer PD Design Studio, a post-apocalyptic Western-inspired furry brawler with some simply delicious visuals and, clearly, a lot of pent-up aggression to let out.

In Dusty Revenge, you take on the role of one of three characters: the eponymous bunny hero, who is hunting down the evil Craven to take revenge for his loved one's death; chubby heavy-weapons wielding bear Rondel; and McCoy, who appears to be some sort of sniper rifle-wielding dog-type thing.

Interestingly, the fact that all these characters are animals is never actually mentioned anywhere in the game's premise; they just happen to be animals. Anyone who's ever read the Spanish comic book series Blacksad will know the deal here, and indeed Dusty Revenge's distinctive art style brings comics and graphic novels to mind.

Gameplay takes the form of a 2D side-scrolling brawler that bears a passing resemblance to Klei Entertainment's Shank. Playing as one of the three main characters, you'll work your way through hordes of enemies in an effort to arrive at Craven's lair and take your revenge. Each of the characters has their own unique mechanics: Dusty wields multiple guns and also has strong melee attacks; Rondel provides artillery support; and McCoy takes down enemies from a distance with his rifle.

Dusty Revenge ran a Kickstarter campaign a while back in an attempt to secure additional funding for the game as well as produce a gorgeous-looking art book; unfortunately, the campaign was unsuccessful, but you can still see a decent selection of concept art and other illustrations at the game's official site, and buying the game direct from the developer provides you with the option to purchase a PDF of the artbook.

The game is out now for PC and Mac via Desura and direct from PD Design Studio's own storefront, and is also running a Greenlight campaign to get on Steam. The team is also keen to bring it to other storefronts, including the Mac App Store and the Amazon Indie Games Store. (Did you know that last one existed? I didn't. You learn something new every day, don't you?)

Watch out for our review soon.

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