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Rambo: The Video Game. Looks Terrible. Yet I am Strangely Compelled.

From the makers of Hubert the Teddy Bear: Holiday Island comes Rambo: The Video Game. An on-rails shooter that spans the first three Rambo movies.

After picking up the Rambo video game rights from StudioCanal a couple of years ago, Reef Entertainment teased us with a short montage of clips from its upcoming game, but we've seen very little gameplay. Until now!

Rambo: The Video Game is being developed by Teyon, a Polish development company best known for its not-particularly-well-received Heavy Fire on-rails FPS games. The franchise has appeared on variety of consoles, including Wii in the forms of Heavy Fire: Special Operations, and Heavy Fire: Black Arms, on PS3 and PC as Heavy Fire: Afghanistan, and most recently on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC in the form of Heavy Fire: Shattered Spear.

Rambo: The Video Game runs along similar lines - or should that be rails - as previous Heavy Fire games, only this time putting you in the shoes of one Mr John Rambo as he embarks on a series of adventures that take him from the damp forests of Hope, Washington, through the steamy jungles of Vietnam to the bone dry deserts of Afghanistan. Featuring key scenes from all three original movies - but not the more recent 2008 Rambo flick - this is pretty much an exercise in killing all and sundry. While most of the action is on-rails shooting, fight sequences are also included in the form of Quick Time Events. If they're good enough for David Cage, then surely they're good enough for this!

So does it look any good? Well, you can be the judge of that by watching this gameplay reveal! We're certainly looking forward to playing the release version.

Graphically, Rambo: The Video game is unlikely to win any awards, but there's no mistaking the glistening sheen of its iconic be-muscled hero. As Sylvester Stallone would say, "Muh. Umferble mmeebbba brrrgh fuuhrrgle."

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