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Saints Row 2 & 3 for Crazy Cheap in Humble Deep Silver Bundle

Do yourself a favor and get Saints Row: The Third and more for pocket change.

By Mike Williams. Published 8 months ago

The folks over at Humble Bundle have announced the latest in their long line of sales that help charity and get you some cheap games. Publisher Deep Silver is getting in on the action with the Humble Deep Silver Bundle!

For a dollar or more - a single dollar, you cheapskates! - you snag Saints Row 2, Saints Row: The Third, Risen 2: Dark Waters, and Sacred 2: Gold Editon, plus the soundtracks for everything except Saints Row 2. Saints Row: The Third alone is worth the price of a coffee.

Why are you watching this when you could be buying games?

Pay more than the current purchase average and you get Dead Island: Game of the Year Edition and the Saints Row: The Third Full Package, which includes all of the sweet, sweet DLC. Shell out more than $25 and you can get Dead Island: Riptide and its soundtrack, both of which came out in April of this year.

All the games are Steam keys only, so no DRM-free action here. The charities supported include Child's Play and the American Red Cross. Fly, my pretties! Catch up on the Saints Row series before Saints Row IV comes out on August 20.

The best community comments so far 4 comments

  • Knurek 8 months ago

    PSA: PC port of Saints Row 2 is beyond terrible, borderline unplayable on most of today's computers.

    Including stuff like game constantly running slower or faster if your CPU isn't clocked at exactly 3.2 GHz and various story missions cutscenes just crashing the game.

    Save yourself some trouble and stick with Saints Row 3.

  • metalangel 8 months ago

    It's a shame the port itself sucks because the game is great, so much more fun and a lot more stuff to see and do compared to SR3.

  • Gaiza 8 months ago

    Stick with Saints Row The Third.

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