Screenshot Saturday #4: Pretty Indie Games to Covet

Here's our weekly round-up of some of the most interesting items on Screenshot Saturday.

Article by Cassandra Khaw, .

Being a busy person is hard. Being a busy person who is tune with all the happenings of the indie development scene is harder still. Fortunately, there are always ways of making life easier. Instead of pouring through the #ScreenshotSaturday website yourself, why not kick back with a preferred beverage and check out our round-up? Much like last week, it's pretty eclectic mix of screenshots except that it's mechanical monstrosities, impressive facial hair and canine policemen this time around as opposed to pink tentacles.


Two Brothers


Ackk Studios' Two Brothers is an old favorite of mine, one that I've been watching eagerly since mid-2012. It's the story of a man named Roy Guarder, an inventor who becomes obsessed with the concept of color after a near-death experience. Obviously, he doesn't go the way of the dinosaurs. At some indeterminate point, Guarder and his brother, who also becomes ensorceled by this dream, go off on a quest for the rainbow.

Official website here.

Tiny Guns 2

I wonder if they're fighting over who gets to stroke that beard.

So, Tiny Guns 2 is, as you might have gathered already, a sequel to the rather bluntly named Tiny Guns. A small Flash game built entirely in Stencyl, Tiny Guns was a competitive 2-player sort of deal t made for the Summer Assembly 2012. It wasn't terribly complicated, but a decent amount of fun to play against a friend you don't like. Not much has been revealed about Tiny Guns 2 (This appears to be a trend) just yet outside of the fact it now has bosses and is a Sunset Riders-inspired Wild West Shooter.

(The creator also made Mad Princess which you really, really need to try.)

Official site here.


Criminally cute policedog right there.

The developers proclaim it a 'run and jump and hack and slash' game. I say it's bonkers in the best way imaginable. Don't believe me? Here, check out the promotional blurb:

It was just one of these mornings. Roman, a drunk, milcoholic cat was taking a hangover nap in a dirty backalley thinking that nothing worse in the world could ever happen to his sorry bottom. But soon - after finding a chainsaw in the depths of a local dumpster treasure chest - he changed his statement. After a while, he noticed that his sticky paws just wouldn't let go of the cursed machine! And this is how CATDAMMIT! begins. No one in Catville is safe when high on catnip and not too sober hobo cat is roaming the streets dragged by a smoking chainsaw of doom...

Official website here.

Castle Breakers

A whole new way of laying siege.

Alan Noon's Castle Breakers is a lot like many of the intriguing little projects you see on Screenshot Saturday: infuriatingly devoid of juicy details. According to his Twitter account, Castle Breakers is a physics-driven action adventure RPG driven by memories of old block breaker games. I can't shake the feeling that Rock of Ages was somehow involved in the fevered dream behind this.

You can stalk the developer's Twitter over here.

Assault Android Cactus

Some Space Marines made a quick cameo in the indie world

If you're wondering why this screenshot from Assault Android Cactus looks so darn spiffy, it might have a lot to do with the fact that the team behind it has a list of credentials as long as the Yellow Brick Road. Little has been said just yet in regards to what the story behind it actually is, but this twin stick shooter (which will allow up to four players) looks like it might be a pyromaniac's plasma-filled heaven.

Official site here.

Exclusive Inter-Planetary Leisure

This apartment doesn't look terribly relaxing.

I honestly don't know what to make of this. The title makes me think of Leisure Suit Larry while the screenshot itself reminds me of Technocrat's Technobabylon. As for the game itself, there is not much to be said because there is, quite literally, absolutely no information linked to it. All I can tell you is that a person named Axel Dahlstedt was proud enough to announce that they were making a game. In spite of that, however, I am intrigued.

Developer's twitter is over here.

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