Soar Through the Sky in If My Heart Had Wings

The debut release from visual novel publisher MoeNovel, If My Heart Had Wings, is now available in English.

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Visual novels are something of an acquired taste, typically being light on what we'd traditionally call "gameplay" while, unsurprisingly, heavy on the reading. But this peculiar little niche often tells some of the best, most interesting and provocative stories in all of gaming.

There are lots of Japanese visual novels available in English, so it can be difficult to know where to start -- particularly if you're wary of delving into the "adults only" territory of those that contain erotic content. Like any medium, though, it's just a case of diving in and experimenting to see what you might enjoy -- and what you might never, ever want to see ever again.

The first release from new visual novel publisher MoeNovel might be a good place to start for those curious. If My Heart Had Wings (aka Kono Oozora ni, Tsubasa wo Hirogete in the original Japanese) is a well-regarded title in which you take on the role of Aoi Minase, a boy who has recently returned to his hometown after a cycling race accident. Feeling understandably bummed at his dreams being shattered, Aoi isn't sure what to do with his life -- until he encounters the wheelchair-bound young girl Kotori Hanabe on a hilltop. Together, Aoi, Kotori and their friends aim to revive their school's gliding club, with the eventual aim of riding the legendary phantom cloud "Morning Glory."

The new English version of the game was localized by Active Gaming Media, who previously worked on the translations for Demon's Souls and No More Heroes. Those who are familiar with the Japanese version may also be interested to note that while the original included erotic scenes, MoeNovel's Westernized version has removed this content in order to attain a "T" rating from the ESRB, and subsequently reach a wider audience. I have somewhat mixed feelings about this; on the one hand, it's a shame that content has had to be cut from the creators' original vision, but at the same time, making the game accessible to more people -- including those who feel uncomfortable with graphic depictions of teenagers having sex in their games -- is probably a good thing in helping visual novels build a bigger audience in the West.

Regardless of your feelings on anime people doing the nasty, though, if you're looking for an interesting interactive story to explore and don't mind a whole ton of reading, you might want to give If My Heart Had Wings a look. You can find out more about it and download a demo from the official site.

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  • Avatar for davidgreenwood80 #1 davidgreenwood80 4 years ago
    Whether or not a game will involve naughty bits, what really turns me off to most visual novels is the constant click-click-click-click to advance the endless... ENDLESS... walls of text. Some of the old ones had actual gameplay, and I miss that. True, it was usually crummy gameplay, but I'd settle for any amount of interactivity. I'm just done with advancing text crawls for hours on end.Edited June 2013 by davidgreenwood80
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  • Avatar for malkav112 #2 malkav112 4 years ago
    It's pretty standard now for VNs to have an autoadvance that paces the text to the voiceover. I read way faster than that so I usually clickclickclick anyway, but it is there.

    You may want to investigate 999 on DS and then Virtue's Last Reward on 3DS, also, as they intersperse adventure-game style puzzle solving with visual novel sequences.
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  • Avatar for grahampolley31 #3 grahampolley31 4 years ago
    Where's the original version of this? Where can I find it? I don't want the translated version. I'm looking for the Japanese text.
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  • Avatar for Shaolung #4 Shaolung 4 years ago
    This game have a beautiful song wich remember us the peaceful sky and peaceful clouds. This novel game is a poesy by itself and the story is more important than romance and it's a big success and i hope those who create this will continue to do this kinf of poetic work. i hope you will enjoy it because it's beautiful and an amazing story.
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