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Sony's PlayStation 4 costs $1,829 in Brazil

How much would you pay for a PlayStation 4?

So, if you're living in Brazil and you're looking to purchase the PlayStation 4, expect to spend a lot more than the rest of the world. In that region, the PS4 costs R$3,999, or about $1,829 at the current exchange rate. Doing the math in reverse finds the PlayStation 4's $399.99 MSRP converting over to R$872.33. So what's the problem? According to Sony, it's taxes.

"We want to emphasize that it isn't in the interest of Sony Computer Entertainment America to sell PS4 units at this high retail price, as it's not good for our gamers and it's not good for the PlayStation brand," said SCEA in a statement.

"There is a lot of confusion and inaccurate information spreading online about Brazil's import tax policies online and the PlayStation 4 retail price, so we'd like to set the record straight: of the R$3,999 gamers pay, 63% of the retail price goes to offset the various taxes that are applied in the process of importation. We will continue to talk with the relevant government agencies to help us reduce the heavy tax burden that gamers, retailers and Sony Computer Entertainment America are paying."

"Sony Computer Entertainment began locally manufacturing PlayStation 3 in Manaus this past May and it immediately made PS3 more affordable to gamers in Brazil. PlayStation is fully committed to Brazilian gamers and we are proud of the strong relationship we've been able to build over the years. We are doing everything possible at this moment to reduce the PS4 price for you."

In a handy chart cooked up by NeoGAF, you can see that Sony's statement is proven mostly true. For some reason, Sony's PS4 and PS Vita still have some extra price bloat compared to other imported consoles, but the PS3 and Xbox 360, which are manufactured locally in Brazil have a smaller after-conversion mark up than other gaming hardware sold in the region. The Xbox One is also imported, but the system's price is still R$1,800 ($823) less than the PS4. Brazilian news site UOL has reported that Microsoft is working to have the Xbox One manufactured in the region, which would drive the price down even further. Until Sony's next-gen console gets made in Brazil, the system could find itself losing significant ground to the competition.

So would you pay the premium to get your PlayStation 4 locally in Brazil?

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