Spunland Brings Ridable Toilets to PlayStation Home

Ever wanted to ride a toilet? If you've still got PlayStation Home installed on your PS3, your dream is about to come true.

News by Pete Davison, .

PlayStation Home is a bit of a running joke to a lot of people -- mostly those who fired it up once, couldn't find anything interesting to do and then deleted it in disgust.

Sony's peculiar real-time MMO social network... thing is certainly a strange piece of software, and it most definitely has plenty of flaws, but it also plays host to some surprisingly creative game experiences, many of which are completely different to the base Home experience of wandering around aimlessly, attempting to flirt with strangers and dancing until someone notices you.

One such experience is Spunland from developer Mad Munki. The Spunland Home space has been available in Europe for a while now, but has just launched in North America. It is... odd.

Mad Munki describes Spunland as an "experimental multiplayer playground" where players can explore, plant things, chase rabbits and ride living toilets. The gameplay video -- provided below for your confusion -- doesn't really elaborate on how things work, and the official website is similarly confusing.

From what I can make out, the "game" part of Spunland involves players inviting friends to their Spunland Cottage, triggering the Spun Clock and then participating in a three-stage game where players must first catch rabbits, then collect fruit from trees, then find eggs in various locations around the Cottage. Once the timer expires, a winner will be declared if more than one player is present, and those who achieve score targets receive various prizes.

Alternatively, if you don't want to run around hunting rabbits and fruit and eggs, you can simply explore the environment, which includes a maze, a "sonic stack" for making considerable amounts of noise, and three groves for planting and harvesting trees.

What's the point? I... have absolutely no idea, to be perfectly honest, but it sounds oddly fun, if mildly hallucinogenic in nature. The developers describe it as "the kind of place Tim Burton might wake up to if he fell off The Magic Roundabout, giving his head a bit of a bump on the way down," which certainly appears to be accurate. (Incidentally, if you've never encountered The Magic Roundabout before, give that link a click and enjoy some of the finest British-French weirdness the 1970s had to offer.)

Spunland should be open to North American PS3 owners now. The space is free to access and play in, but also sells items that can be taken elsewhere in Home. Find out more -- or at least read some stuff that will make you even more confused -- at the official website.

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