Square Enix Explains FFXIV's Plans for PvP and Housing

Yoshi-P and the team give some details on the MMO's upcoming patch 2.1.

News by Pete Davison, .

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn was a great game at launch, but being an MMO, it's going to evolve and change over time.

Naoki Yoshida and his development team have been teasing the first major content patch for the game for a little while now, but a two-day "Letter from the Producer Live" event at the recent Tokyo Game Show shed a considerable degree of additional light on what players can expect from version 2.1 of the game, set for launch soon.

First up is player housing. Initially this will be a Free Company perk, but there are plans to roll out individual personal housing in the near future. The video above shows distinct housing areas separate from the main city areas, with each of the buildings the work of either a player or a Free Company. You won't be restricted to building only in the city for which you have Grand Company affiliation; you'll be free to build in whichever of the three city-states you please.

There are three sizes of house to choose from -- small, medium and large, naturally -- and five preset types for each size. Once you've picked your size and style combination, you can then adjust the color of numerous individual elements of the building, ranging from the doors to the weather vane on the roof. Inside, you'll be able to pick from numerous furniture items to deck out your virtual living space as you see fit -- expect "a number of furnishings with a very Final Fantasy feel to them," apparently.

Pricing for land and houses hasn't yet been set -- Yoshida and the team are keen to tweak and adjust the economy prior to patch 2.1 to ensure there's plenty of gil flowing through the game. Once individual housing launches, future updates will add the ability to grow Gysahl Greens to summon your battle chocobo, a baby chocobo-raising minigame and the facility to construct an underground workshop to craft boats and airships.

Patch 2.1 will also introduce the Wolves' Den PvP arena for players of level 30 and above. Here, players will be able to compete in 4v4 PvP battles in a special arena -- there are currently no plans for world PvP a la World of Warcraft, largely because the game's setting and lore doesn't really lend itself to that kind of conflict. There will be individual tiers for level 30, 40 and 50 characters, and matchmaking will take into account whether or not you're using the Duty Finder to group up with random strangers or coming together as a pre-formed team.

There will also be PvP specific skills such as abilities that let you recover immediately from debuffs such as sleep, bind and the like. New passive traits will also be added to help counter some of these status effects, and the intention is to add to these skills and traits over time as PvP expands into an upcoming "Front Lines" scenario at some point in the future.

Also coming in the new patch is a special guest appearance from Final Fantasy III's Crystal Tower dungeon. This will be a 24-player dungeon that will take between 90-120 minutes to complete, and will apparently be "more casual" than the current hardest content in the game, The Binding Coil of Bahamut. The dungeon will feature both encounters that require all 24 players to work together, as well as branching paths where the three sub-parties of eight members each will split off in different directions to regroup later.

The item level requirement for accessing the Crystal Tower won't be as high as that for the Coil, but it's likely you'll require a Relic weapon. The drops and rewards for the dungeon will include some of the most powerful items from Final Fantasy III, and we're promised a "very nostalgic experience" from the dungeon with some "amazing songs" on the soundtrack -- though Yoshida stopped short of actually confirming whether or not the dungeon would feature arrangements of Final Fantasy III's music. Given that Final Fantasy XIV already features an excellent remix of Final Fantasy II's battle theme, however, it's not an unreasonable assumption to make, particularly given how heavy on the series fanservice the game has been to date.

Patch 2.1 is currently in development and thus Yoshida and the team are keen to note that all planned content is subject to change prior to its . It's sounding like a great update on the whole, though, and one that will certainly give high-level players something else to do. Check out full details of everything to expect here.

Guess I better buck my ideas up and get to 50!

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  • Avatar for renatocosta90 #1 renatocosta90 4 years ago
    I haven't gone far enough to get the 8-man dungeons, but this 24-player affair got me hyped. This is a MMO which I'm seriously considering paying the monthly fee when my free period ends
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  • Avatar for touchofkiel #2 touchofkiel 4 years ago
    @renatocosta90 My thoughts exactly. Plus, I'm still waiting on a new USB keyboard to arrive (playing on Ps3), so I've been waiting to group with other people. So far the game is a little too WoW-like for me, but I think it will really open up for me soon. All in all, an enjoyable experience so far.
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  • Avatar for renatocosta90 #3 renatocosta90 4 years ago
    @touchofkiel I'm mid game, right now, the only story-wise boost that's keeping me going on is the drive to finally get the White mage job, but the dungeons keep getting new things thrown into them, and the contacts made through dungeons/duties and free companies make it really enjoyable to keep logging back to play an hour or two
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  • Avatar for limbeckd #4 limbeckd 4 years ago
    I've been playing a marauder while my wife's been healing. We just hit level 20 and are working to get our chocobos. Running dungeons together has been a lot of fun--that bomb/slime fight in particular. It feels really rewarding to tank a dungeon for the first time and be a bit of a newb, and then tank it for the second time and be a total boss who knows every pull and can explain all the fights to the people who haven't done them before.

    I look forward to having more varied end-game group content, but I don't generally PvP, and I don't find player housing very interesting. I don't know if the game will keep our interest until the end game, though.

    The amount of needless padding is starting to really, really annoy me--so many of the quests are awful in ways I thought MMO's had fixed years ago. "Run out of town and talk to someone. He says kill 3 mobs. Ok. Now he says run back to town to report to my guildmaster. Ok. Guildmaster says run back to the exact same place to talk to the same dude again. Ok. He says do something and then run back to the guildmaster. Congratulations, you completed a quest." WTF. Couldn't you have just skipped that pointless step of me running all the way back to town?

    Or, run from the west side of this zone on the west of town to the east side of the zone on the east of town. Then run back to the west. Then back to the east. Then back to the west again. Oh, hey, we'll give you this device to let us communicate with you over long distances (oh thank god!). Then we'll let you go to the other side of the world, call you on it, and say, "Hey, now we can talk to you from the other side of the world, isn't it great? We need you to do something, so come all the way back here so we can talk about it." FML.

    These things are annoying when playing alone, but when I'm sitting next to someone and we're playing together, I don't want to take a 20 minute (or however long) break from doing real things just to mindlessly run back and forth. Our time is more valuable than this. And these are the class/storyline quests, where they should really be showing off their best stuff.
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