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Telltale Finally Bringing Its Games to Android

With the upcoming release of The Walking Dead on Ouya, Android fans have a shining light.

Telltale Games has found great success with The Walking Dead series. Season one of the game and its DLC follow-up, 400 Days, are awesome games you can pick up on PC, Mac, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PlayStation Vita, and even iOS. The Walking Dead on Apple's platforms stands up right next to its console and PC counterparts, proving there's definitely space for good games on mobile.

Unfortunately, if you're on the other major mobile platform, you've had to stare longingly at users playing The Walking Dead on their iPads. Until now.

Telltale Games has announced that The Walking Dead and 400 Days are coming to the Android-powered Ouya console. In fact, Season Two of the series will be coming to Ouya as well. More importantly, supporting the Ouya means that other Android devices may see releases of Telltale's games.

"In bringing The Walking Dead to Ouya we will have theoretically enabled the Android platform for all of our games going forward," Telltale spokesperson Job Stauffer told VentureBeat. "We do expect to release other Telltale games on devices with a Tegra 3 [graphics processor] or higher in the near future but have nothing to announce at the moment."

I enjoy my HTC EVO LTE and Nexus 7. I'll probably upgrade to the new Nexus 7. Google has done an excellent job of making Android a cohesive mobile operating system; the OS is a far cry from the dark days prior to Gingerbread. Unfortunately, fragmentation remains a big problem for Google and developers. According to Google's own internal metrics, 37 percent of Android users aren't even up to version 4.0, let alone the latest release of Android 4.3 Jelly Bean.

Android is offered on a variety of devices and developers have to choose which of those devices to support. Do they just pick the best phones this year? The top three tablets over the last three years? Or perhaps only devices that use a certain chipset? In contrast, Apple's slate of devices is relatively small and new versions of iOS are adopted widely by users. Developers can just choose to support the last few versions of iOS and the supported devices list is made for them.

I understand the logic of it, but that doesn't reduce the sting of the occasional app or game that I'd love to play, but can't on my platform. The Walking Dead, Infinity Blade, Infinity Blade II, Marvel Avengers Alliance, and Hero Academy are all games that I might play if they were on Android. Every time I game announces an iOS version, but not an Android one, I cry inside. Fairies probably die as well.

So I thank you, Ouya. Even if I don't particularly feel anything for your brand of Android goodness, at least you're bringing developers to the platform. It's a good step.

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