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Uematsu and Ito Composing Music for Upcoming iOS Game

The Final Fantasy and Seiken Densetsu composers are collaborating on the soundtrack for the upcoming mobile action adventure Oceanhorn.

While gaming doesn't have the same number of instantly-recognizable "celebrities" as other forms of media, certain names confer immediate respect.

Two such names are Nobuo Uematsu, best known as the composer for the majority of the Final Fantasy series, and Kenji Ito, best known for his work the Seiken Densetsu (Mana) and SaGa series' soundtracks.

Both composers have signed an agreement to contribute music to a new game, but not on consoles -- instead, they're directing their talents towards an upcoming mobile game for iOS known as Oceanhorn.

Oceanhorn is a rather charming-looking Zelda-style adventure from the Helsinki-based three-man team Cornfox & Bros, in collaboration with publisher FDG Entertainment. The game will see you travelling from island to island in a somewhat Wind Waker-ish fashion, solving puzzles, discovering secrets and battling monsters along the way. Check out this gameplay video -- it actually looks rather good, though it remains to be seen how well it works with touch controls.

Cornfox's last release was the iOS version of Death Rally, the remake of Remedy's classic top-down vehicular combat title, so the team knows what it's doing with mobile tech. The Death Rally remake did eventually come out on PC as well as mobile platforms, so it's worth hoping this may happen with Oceanhorn, too.

Creative director Heikki Repo is understandably excited about landing two world-class composers to work on his project.

"The power behind Uematsu's and Ito's compositions is incredible," says Repo. "Their songs will open us new ways to reach players' hearts. It is mind-blowing that a small developer team like us gets a chance to work with such legends. Together with the best video game composers in the world, we will make Oceanhorn a journey you won't forget."

Oceanhorn doesn't have a firm release date as yet; it's simply due "later in 2013." Judging by early gameplay footage and the involvement of Uematsu and Ito, though, it looks like it could potentially be one to watch out for.

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