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Xbox Live's next free game is Defense Grid

By Mike Williams, Published 9 months ago

When Microsoft announced its answer to PS+ free game offers, we expected a little more than this. The first of July's two free games is... Defense Grid: The Awakening. Yeah.

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  • kyleyadlosky64 9 months ago

    A game that cost $10 four years ago.

    Go home, Microsoft; you're drunk.

  • Mindwater 9 months ago

    I'd rather they offer two (or more) and let you choose one. Choice is always a good thing. Besides, I already own Defense Grid, so it would be nice to have another option. I am glad that more people will have a chance to play Defense Grid, though.

  • pjedavison 9 months ago

    Defense Grid is a great game, but man, this really isn't even slightly competing with PS+ in terms of perceived value.

    That said, I believe you do get to *keep* the Xbox games after your subscription ends, which is not the case when it comes to PS+.

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