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  • Avatar for ATBro ATBro 2 days ago

    If a game is available to the general public and what is there is already good enough to be considered to stand with the best of the year, then it should be able to be considered. There are too many instances of game that have been considered for the award that have some of the same issues as PUBG. Bugs are not a disqualifier because I remember in their respective years, Oblivion, Fallout 3 and Skyrim being in the running.

    Pushing aside all of the "he said, she said" of this discussion, there is one thing that puts it over the top for me. It feels like an important game. Maybe not even important so much as impactful. It had a serious breakthrough for a new (not original) type of competitive play, and when it comes right down to it, the vast majority of games we play are iterations on things we have already been doing for years. Breath of the Wild really isn't all that different from most open-world games. Mario is just more Mario. This type of king-of-the-hill competitive play hadn't pushed into the mainstream before, and it is meaningful to be the first to have done that.

    Posted in Opinion: Nominating PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds for Game of the Year is a Terrible Idea

  • Avatar for ATBro ATBro 2 months ago

    They seem to say this a lot, but it never amounts to real growth of their base.

    Posted in Xbox One X "Surpassed Expectations" As The Fastest-Selling Xbox Ever

  • Avatar for ATBro ATBro 3 months ago

    It seems pretty cut and dry, to me.

    It is a ANOTHER premium game with loot box economy, ANOTHER arena based shooter, based around mobility, and while it looks sharp, in play it just turns into a blur of indistinct colors.

    I watch videos and it just doesn't look fun. Or at least fun enough to take people away from Overwatch. It's a little like the WoW phenomenon where everyone ends up putting out more "me too" games that just don't have the appeal of Blizzard's own game.

    Posted in Why Aren't Players Connecting With Lawbreakers?

  • Avatar for ATBro ATBro 4 months ago

    Every single time I see that "ending credits" header image, I think "is US Gamer shutting down?"

    Posted in Pokémon GO Turns One, Mario Will Never Die, and the Rest of This Week's Headlines

  • Avatar for ATBro ATBro 4 months ago

    The Switch's success there stands to reason considering their games market shifted to be more portable focused around 13 or 14 years ago.

    Posted in Nintendo Switch Crosses 1 Million in Japan Far Faster Than PS4 Did

  • Avatar for ATBro ATBro 4 months ago

    I think it stands to reason that when every studio is working one one thing, they are not working on something else that they could be working on.

    Posted in The New Dragon Age is Too Distracting for BioWare to Consider Making Jade Empire 2

  • Avatar for ATBro ATBro 6 months ago

    I really don't like how Mario's hair looks.

    Posted in Nintendo Plans Spotlight and Tournaments for E3 2017

  • Avatar for ATBro ATBro 7 months ago

    It's always felt to me that EA and Bioware didn't really know what to do with the series after 3 and the ridiculous shit-storm surrounding the ending. I think they were shaken and didn't think that their vision for the series wasn't lining up with the fans anymore. Considering this game is an off-shoot with zero ramifications to the main story line and only tenuous connection, I think they are using this as a test bed to find out what fans think. They can try some things and see what people think works, and they will go from there. It's disappointing that this is the way they're going, but I can understand the predicament. I just think that they caved so hard with the ME3 ending change that they think the "fans" have them right where they want them.

    Posted in Mass Effect: Andromeda Review

  • Avatar for ATBro ATBro 8 months ago

    Isn't this a problem though? How are we to ever expect any sort of objectivity from you, when you say to us, "this thing sucks, but Nintendo did it so it's fine." No thank you.

    This says it all right here.
    "That's because bad press sticks to Nintendo like chewing gum to hair."

    This is 100% false. Bad press never has more impact than a glancing hit on them because they have fans like Nadia. People who don't care how bad or consumer-unfriendly they are as a company because they can just say, "it's for the chilluns!" If you think that Sony or Microsoft could get away with friend codes you're delusional. But they have to actually contend with expectations, whereas Nintendo simply shrugs and and says, "that's what you get" and everyone seems to be OK with it.

    Posted in I Ain't Even Mad About Friend Codes on the Nintendo Switch

  • Avatar for ATBro ATBro 8 months ago

    This seems like a strange bit of criticism here. It basically is complaining that there is a core gameplay loop, like every other game, ever, has had. Whether you find that loop entertaining is certainly up to the individual, but this reads like you're getting down on it simply for having it.

    Posted in Horizon Zero Dawn Review