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  • Avatar for AstroDemon AstroDemon 14 hours ago

    Ok, I just bought Baseball Stars for the NES recently because I was feeling nostalgic for one of the best baseball games ever. The other favorite of mine is RBI Baseball. I haven't played many other baseball games since the 90's, and I certainly don't own any.

    Is MLB The Show good? I'm a lifelong Cubs fan and I feel like I should try to get into this next game for the first time in the series. Should I just dive in?

    Posted in MLB The Show 17's Servers Are Having Their Customary Launch Problems

  • Avatar for AstroDemon AstroDemon 3 days ago
  • Avatar for AstroDemon AstroDemon 6 days ago

    You're speaking my language Nadia! So many fun Neo Geo games! Now the trick is for me to get a Switch!

    Posted in The Best Neo Geo Games to Buy on the Nintendo Switch

  • Avatar for AstroDemon AstroDemon 9 days ago

    Holy cow, there were plenty of peripherals I had no idea about! Awesome! My favorite useful ones are the Steel Battalion controller and the Sega fishing rod. I'd love to play with those.

    Another funny one is the Novint Falcon, a weird 3-D spatial controller with a gun handle and trigger on the player side.

    Posted in Gaming's Weirdest, Wildest, and Wackiest Controllers and Peripherals

  • Avatar for AstroDemon AstroDemon 14 days ago

    SMT4 is amazing, though a little slow to start. My favorite SMT game so far...

    Posted in The Shin Megami Tensei Games You Should Play After Persona 5

  • Avatar for AstroDemon AstroDemon 14 days ago

    Really awesome article! I'm glad there's plenty of SMT knowledge on this site beyond the Persona series. Really cool. I love your recommendations here, and agree with all of them, especially your opinion on P3, though I ended up putting 130+ hours into the P3P version and not FES.

    I wanted to add that the Super Famicom version of Shin Megami Tensei was ported to iOS with good english localization, and is a fun curiosity, if anything. I have put a fair amount of time into it, but never finished it. SMT2 is also on iOS, but only in japanese.

    After playing some of the old SMT games, I started realizing that Etrian Odyssey has a lot of similiarities with the original SMT games, and clearly is its own thing on the DS/3DS, but I wanted to mention it since that series is a favorite of mine as well.

    Also, there are still new physical copies of a lot of these games available on Amazon, even the PS2 games, if you're into that, of course .

    Posted in The Shin Megami Tensei Games You Should Play After Persona 5

  • Avatar for AstroDemon AstroDemon 14 days ago

    Nocturne is still available pretty cheap on Amazon brand new, if anyone would rather have the disc.

    Posted in The Shin Megami Tensei Games You Should Play After Persona 5

  • Avatar for AstroDemon AstroDemon 14 days ago

    That "human reaper" end boss was garbage and while I liked Mass Effect 2 as a whole, due to the great characters, the overall story was phoned in, and the game mechanics were dumbed down to make it play more like a shooter. Being a merc rather than a Citadel Spectre was pretty lame, though I thought the Elusive Man was interesting, and the starting sequence of the game was neat.

    The first game in the series was epic, with the best soundtrack and artistic design. Despite some of its janky mechanics, I think ME1 was the best in the series, and I'm okay being among the minority in this, though I know some of you readers agree with me, but just aren't as vocal as the ME2 fans.

    I also liked the ME3 ending that was patched in. I thought it fit nicely with the universe, better than most sci-fi TV shows or movie trilogy endings. The multiplayer in ME3 was also very good, and I spent 100+ hours just playing that aftyer I was done with the single player.

    Make no mistake, the entire trilogy is awesome, but I personally think ME2 was the weakest entry story-wise and less interesting gameplay-wise, though most folks disagree with me, which is fine.Edited 2 times. Last edited 2 weeks ago by Unknown

    Posted in Mass Effect 2's Final Mission Was the Apex of the Series

  • Avatar for AstroDemon AstroDemon 15 days ago

    For game-playing, choosing which one to buy and play seems to be a conundrum all year long for me now, not just in fits and spurts. I usually buy one or two and split my time between them, and then I usually have an old game mixed in somewhere too.

    Right now, I'm playing Torment: Tides of Numenera mostly with a little Zelda mixed in on the Wii U. The story in Torment is so much more interesting, but the gameplay in Zelda is more addictive and brainless when I just want to chill for a bit. Torment is not an easy game to play when I'm tired from work.

    It's funny that Kat mentioned Infinite Space, since I randomly played it on my old DS Lite this week. Great game.

    Posted in Starting Screen: What Do You Do When Too Many Great Games are Coming Out at Once?

  • Avatar for AstroDemon AstroDemon 17 days ago

    I found Twilight Princess to be generally as good, if not better than Wind Waker or Ocarina, and the HD remaster is quite good. Top 3 for me!

    Posted in Which Legend of Zelda Should You Play First?