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  • Avatar for Barely-Able Barely-Able 7 months ago

    @UnknownJones when I replied that option wasn't listed yet.

    Posted in The Best Version of Every Final Fantasy Game

  • Avatar for Barely-Able Barely-Able 7 months ago

    There is a PSP version that is basically the same as the DS but has the updated mobile graphics and the ability to use the original score.

    Posted in The Best Version of Every Final Fantasy Game

  • Avatar for Barely-Able Barely-Able 9 months ago

    Wouldn't matter unless you had a pro controller. Those buttons would be ok substitute for a d-pad. They should be filling out the 3DS SNES library and adding GBA while they work on their switch VC since that system is perfect for retro gaming.

    Posted in Reaction: Delaying the Switch's Virtual Console is an Opportunity to Finally Get it Right

  • Avatar for Barely-Able Barely-Able 10 months ago

    I am glad that there is an obvious baton passing in Nintendo (at least as much as can be done by a company as conservative as they are). I feel like certain modern requirements have been shunned by the older guard and some ideas were stale. I also like that Miyamoto can help shepherd on some of the other ventures Nintendo is exploring and create smaller experiences that might not appeal to the masses. The reliance on old iP is a double edged sword, but it is probably good to be branching out as a means to court new players or not hamstring games by wild expectations.

    Posted in Switch: No Country For Old Men, Old IPs

  • Avatar for Barely-Able Barely-Able 10 months ago

    @Mr.Spo and it is also huge in Japan. Splatoon 2 had far and away the most YouTube views in Japan following the presentation, and the original has close to a 50% attach rate there. Game is a huge success and one that Nintendo needs to keep at the forefront to get sales in its native land.

    Posted in Switch: No Country For Old Men, Old IPs

  • Avatar for Barely-Able Barely-Able 10 months ago

    I will eventuallly be getting one as I travel every other week for work and portable gaming is essential (not to mention when I'm at home after the kids are in bed), but there wasn't enough reason for me to jump on this until winter st the earliest. Especially since I have a Wii U and most of these games are ports of experience I already can enjoy. My concern is the severe lack of 3rd party support that seems to be coming and what appears to be a dearth of Nintendo software. I was hoping for a strong release of home and portable experiences but maybe that isn't in the cards for the system at this point.

    Posted in Opinion: Switch Isn't for Everyone, But It's Definitely For Me

  • Avatar for Barely-Able Barely-Able 10 months ago

    My main question. If Nintendo supposedly merged development teams to help relieve the software droughts, where are the games? There has been minimal software for the last year plus on both systems and they showed off essentially 3 ports and 2 new first party games. Seems like they are straining to develop or just want to wait to announce games throughout the year.

    Posted in Reaction: This Was Pretty Much the Switch's Worst Case Scenario

  • Avatar for Barely-Able Barely-Able 10 months ago

    If it can't be charged while playing then a purchase is a ways off for me. I travel every other week for work so theboortable aspect was the only real incentive for getting it sooner rather than later.

    Posted in The Handheld's Last Stand

  • Avatar for Barely-Able Barely-Able 11 months ago

    How bout square enix offers us the orchestrated music as dlc? fat chance I know considering these games don't sell, but would be nice to have both music options.

    Posted in Dragon Quest VIII 3DS Preview: New Characters, New Dungeons, New Challenges, Black Sabrecats

  • Avatar for Barely-Able Barely-Able A year ago

    It makes no sense not having upload ability since you need to be tethered to wifi to play the 100 Mario course since it draws from wiiU created levels. Even with that, the inability of the 3DS to log on to many external wifi signals that require a webpage approval (think every store, restaurant, hotel wifi) makes this essentially a level creator unless you are home. Which makes it even more ridiculous you cannot upload courses. This probably won't be an issue in Japan where streetpassing is common place, but it's a real letdown for the West.

    Posted in Super Mario Maker Heads to 3DS in December