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IT Curmudgeon, Gaming Curmudgeon<br /> <br /> Some of my most powerful childhood memories revolve around gaming. I&#039;ve always been a gamer.

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  • Avatar for Broen13 Broen13 9 days ago

    @Edna-Brown Glad someone likes the game, I had a tough time with it myself. Glad so see a fan of it though, keep playing (tm)

    Posted in LA Noire on the Nintendo Switch Will be More Expensive Than on Other Consoles

  • Avatar for Broen13 Broen13 11 days ago

    Just means that players will have to plan out fashion. Like real life? I worked on specific looks for my characters the entire time I played D1, but after a few days and stacks of shaders I realized I like the system when I matched my sparrow and dropship. Then I shaded a weapon I was using and was just sold completely.

    This may not be a popular opinion, but I like what they did. May take some time to get things looking *just* right.

    Posted in Destiny 2's Microtransactions Aren't Quite Pay-to-Win, but Consumable Shaders are a Blow to Destiny Fashion

  • Avatar for Broen13 Broen13 17 days ago

    Anyone know if they happened to add campaign coop in? Me and a friend played the first 2 games together and had a blast, have not bothered since.

    Posted in Dead Rising 4 "Frank's Big Package" is Coming to the PS4 This December

  • Avatar for Broen13 Broen13 A month ago

    @johnnynitross This is well said, D1Y1 was a gut punch that not many people I know can appreciate. Having to redo EVERYTHING really sucked. Where D1Y2 and Y3 really got me was oddly with the swordplay. So many times on PvE I'd run in and clear full rooms with the swords and it felt awesome.

    They have my attention with D2, I owe them at least that much. D1 was an awful boring game that became one of my most memorable gaming experiences of all time with nothing but a great group of constant friends being the added change. Those friends are moving to D2 and here's hoping it does not disappoint us completely.

    Shout out to my the100 group BecauseReasons They made D1 amazing

    Posted in Left Behind: Why These Avid Destiny Players Aren't Making the Jump to Destiny 2

  • Avatar for Broen13 Broen13 A month ago

    @jeffcorry Play it. This was one of my favorite portable rpgs, and I have played a few. Another COMPLETELY missed gem is Infinite Space. What has me gob-smacked is I hated IS when I started playing it because of the battle system. When I gave it another go I put 120 hours into it. It and TWEWY were reasons to own a DS, they are so good.

    I will say that I don't disagree with this statement " Can you name a game on the Nintendo 3DS that's even remotely as ambitious and flatout crazy as The World Ends With You?"

    But I might say that of all the RPGs I've played TWEWY is one of the more unique games regardless of platform. We need more like it.

    Posted in The World Ends With You After 10 Years: Why a Cult Nintendo DS RPG is Now a Classic

  • Avatar for Broen13 Broen13 2 months ago

    This is at the top of my list and has been since I first heard about it. The newest DMC was decent, but not my favorite. But Heavenly Sword and Enslaved were both really memorable stories for me. I hope this one resonates with me the same way

    Posted in New Trailer for Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice Makes a Strong Case That Celtic Hel is Just Silent Hill

  • Avatar for Broen13 Broen13 3 months ago

    When a long time friend showed this to me I was giddy. Until I went and looked it up myself to find that it was a remake to Super Metroid.

    I find it impossible that I'm the only person that wants to see what happened after Metroid Fusion. This is just depressing. I have no lost love for Super Metroid. Since it has been released I think I've bought it like 6 times. But a Super Metroid release should be a pack in for a Metroid Fusion sequel or something. They've certainly had the time... I just don't even

    Posted in Metroid: Samus Returns Announced for the Nintendo 3DS, Arriving September 2017

  • Avatar for Broen13 Broen13 4 months ago

    In Tyranny is it only playing the bad guy? Or can you play a bad guy without being a bad guy?

    I aspire to not be a jerk *sometimes* and this one just didn't talk to me. I love Obsidian though, and am questioning that resolve.

    Posted in Obsidian's Pillars of Eternity 2 Still Forthcoming in Light of New Report

  • Avatar for Broen13 Broen13 4 months ago

    I know this comment may get lost in the mix of time, but I just had to say...

    I finished this game (Mass Effect Andromeda) after around 80 hours and feel that even if it is not the most interesting story to grace a console it is quite good. For those who are Mass Effect players (1, 2, or 3) just play this game. It has throwbacks to all 3 games in various different ways.

    By the time I was done I was the explorer class with weapons that used the "Vintage Heat Sink" that made my sniper rifles and pistols act like the overcharged weapons in ME1. The lack of usable skills really does hurt this game (only 3 can be used at a time) and you can set up 12 all together, but using them in battle is just not viable. If there were 4 or even 5 usable this would be my favorite ME for the combat alone.

    The exploration is WAY more interesting than the last gen games. I know that is not a popular opinion, but when you go back and play ME1 everything was just a variation of the same 2 or 3 themes. Some of the driving was annoying when you had to get to a really high plateau or something, but for me that was about it.

    The characters are not as interesting as ME2 but for my money the loyalty missions were pretty decent overall. I really hope they strive for something a little larger next time, if they polish a bit more next time it will be the best game to date by far.

    In closing I have a thing I like to say about Dark Souls. I'd rather play a bad Dark Souls than any other game. It's my type of game. I'd also play a bad Mass Effect in that same way other than any other scifi game. If you think this sounds like you, just play this game. It's my 2nd favorite Mass Effect over all and that, to me, says everything you need.

    Posted in Mass Effect: Andromeda Review

  • Avatar for Broen13 Broen13 6 months ago

    @metalangel I think they could have a swap button for the bottom screen and do 3ds and ds backwards support. Hit a button and flip to the bottom screen, then it would exemplify the switch moniker. With so many games as said elsewhere eliminating the bottom screen I have plenty I'd play on something like that.

    Posted in I Will Miss You, Nintendo 3DS