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Having been abandoned by society, I was raised to adulthood by wild computers. Most of the stupid things I did were during the internet&#039;s early days, back when Overclocked was an emulation comic instead of a remix site, so there&#039;s no way you&#039;d find out about them now.<br /> <br /> (I hope.)

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  • Avatar for CK20XX CK20XX 14 days ago

    I really wonder what's happening with the new cartoon. Seems like it would be better for its Mega Man to be more like the classic we all know for the sake of a unified brand push.

    I did like the robot masters that were glimpsed in leaked promotional images. More focus should be put on them when they market the show. And if there's still going to be... urp... "Mega-Mini" in it, I don't think I'll be able to digest that until I see some sort of adversarial relationship with Proto Man and Proto-Mini.

    Now someone announce his return in Super Smash Bros. 5 already.

    Posted in 2018 Will be the Year of Mega Man

  • Avatar for CK20XX CK20XX 28 days ago

    Man, I remember when Notch offered to fund Psychonauts 2 all by himself. Those were such idyllic times.

    Posted in Psychonauts 2 Will Miss Its 2018 Release

  • Avatar for CK20XX CK20XX A month ago

    Minecraft did it first! The Minecraft Survival Games were a thing long before PUBG existed, and they were directly modeled after The Hunger Games.

    But seriously, it's fascinating how long these tails tend to get when you follow them. The entirety of human existence, in fact, is thanks to people being able to copy and refine the ideas of people that came before them.

    Posted in PUBG's Creator Wishes Games Had Better IP Protection Because of Copycats

  • Avatar for CK20XX CK20XX A month ago

    @SIGGYZtar That's a good question and one that's worth repeating to get people thinking. I went and voted to try to prevent all this though. My conscience in clean.

    The problem ultimately seems to lie with how corporate money influences politics. If there's any one factor that turns the political system into a factory that produces the same old clones so our votes don't matter, that's probably it. I understand that a lot of politicians themselves hate how much time they're required to spend on the phone begging for donations too. They sound like hostages at times.

    Posted in The FCC Votes to Rip Apart Net Neutrality

  • Avatar for CK20XX CK20XX A month ago

    This isn't just about the internet; this is about democracy itself. At least 80% of the population didn't want this, and it happened anyway. That teaches citizens that the government doesn't deserve their faith, that it's not worth engaging with or even defending.

    Posted in The FCC Votes to Rip Apart Net Neutrality

  • Avatar for CK20XX CK20XX A month ago

    If I cannot beat the Stop to Start shrine, I will be unworthy of playing Mega Man 11. I cannot let mere spikes defeat me.

    Posted in Champions' Ballad Reminds Us of the Best and Worst of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

  • Avatar for CK20XX CK20XX A month ago

    Well I'll be darned. People like me were iffy about the principles surrounding an unreleased game winning any awards, and now here it comes, sliding toward home base just in time.

    Posted in PUBG's 1.0 Release Coming December 20, Desert Map Available Tonight On Test Servers

  • Avatar for CK20XX CK20XX A month ago

    Looking forward to the YouTube montages of motorcycle accidents.

    Posted in Zelda: Breath of the Wild Champion's Ballad DLC is Available Tonight

  • Avatar for CK20XX CK20XX A month ago

    I don't think Sonic Mania has a chance in the only category it's entered into, but I'd really like to see it win an award anyway. It stands to benefit the most from such an acclaim.

    Posted in The Game Awards 2017: The Nominees, the Start Time, and Watch it Here in 4K

  • Avatar for CK20XX CK20XX A month ago

    I want to know what's happening with the new cartoon now. Shouldn't its Mega Man be like this Mega Man for the sake of a stronger, unified brand push?

    If the new cartoon is being revamped because no one liked it and it's going to come out alongside a new game, and with all the merchandise that's been around for years, then all that will be missing is the cherry on top: guest fighter status in Super Smash Bros. 5.

    Posted in Mega Man 11 Marks the End of a Long, Sad Period for Mega Man Fans