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Having been abandoned by society, I was raised to adulthood by wild computers. Most of the stupid things I did were during the internet&#039;s early days, back when Overclocked was an emulation comic instead of a remix site, so there&#039;s no way you&#039;d find out about them now.<br /> <br /> (I hope.)

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  • Avatar for CK20XX CK20XX 15 days ago

    What makes the T-Rex really awesome is when you make baritone Yoshi noises while rampaging around.

    Posted in The 10 Best Transformations in Super Mario Odyssey

  • Avatar for CK20XX CK20XX 20 days ago

    I can't get a Switch yet because I still have Wii-U stuff to see and experience. I only just now started playing Hyrule Warriors and oh help this game is huge. Boy is it a lot of fun though.

    "My name is Darunia and I don't think your head is flat enough!" *Donkey Kong hammer theme intensifies*

    Posted in USgamer Community Question: What Are You Playing on This Busy, Busy Weekend?

  • Avatar for CK20XX CK20XX A month ago

    @DogNozzle I dunno. The thing about tolerance is that it stops working when you don't actively reject the intolerant. It's ironic, yeah, but let the intolerant get a foothold and they'll destroy any cooperative environments you've worked hard to build because that's really all those kinds of people are interested in.

    Posted in Wolfenstein 2 Launch Trailer Asks Americans to Stand Up Against "Fascist Nazi Pigs"

  • Avatar for CK20XX CK20XX A month ago

    I can't help but wonder for how much longer these retro consoles are going to be viable. It's nice to see there's always going to be fresh console hardware, but the cartridges themselves have a finite lifespan too. They get rarer and more expensive each year, and it may be only another 10 years or so before bitrot finally causes a mass cartridge die-off.

    Posted in Analogue's Super Nt SNES Emulator Wants to Do What Nintendon't

  • Avatar for CK20XX CK20XX A month ago

    This is an important reminder that harassment isn't gender specific. Though they don't face anything like the kind of discrimination women face, men still have their own prejudices to fight against. There's still a prevalent attitude that men aren't allowed to be nurses because that's a woman's job, and that they can't be raped or sexually harassed simply because they're equipped with different body parts.

    It's really awe-inspiring how women speaking out are giving men the courage to do the same.

    Posted in A Former Naughty Dog Employee Comes Forward With Sexual Harassment Allegations Against Uncharted Developer

  • Avatar for CK20XX CK20XX A month ago

    Well, it's nigh impossible to get meaningful ad revenue on YouTube now, which is why there's been something of an exodus to Twitch. But if you aren't allowed to livestream either, then what's the point of the Nintendo Creator's Program? How does it help creators?

    Posted in Video Creators Under Nintendo Creators Program Can No Longer Live Stream Nintendo Games

  • Avatar for CK20XX CK20XX A month ago

    One thing I like about AM2R that Samus Returns doesn't do is how some Metroids just happen to show up in places you don't really expect them to, like in the corridors of Chozo ruins as you're closing in on a power-up room. There's even a room where you're ambushed by FIVE Alpha Metroids at once. Samus Returns sets up all encounters in specially arranged boss rooms and your Metroid tracker gives you plenty of warning before a fight begins, while in AM2R, there are quite a few instances where you go, "Whoa, tricky footing, but I bet this leads to somewhere neat--WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?! AHHHHHHHHH RUNRUNRUN I'm not ready to deal with you yet!"

    Posted in Stop Pitting Metroid: Samus Returns Against AM2R: Another Metroid 2 Remake

  • Avatar for CK20XX CK20XX 2 months ago

    I continue to be amazed at the fallout surrounding this.

    Posted in Some Fallout 4 Users Hate Creation Club so Much They Modded out a Menu Notification for It

  • Avatar for CK20XX CK20XX 2 months ago

    As a veteran of the series, this is gonna be a hard sell to me. I'm tired of tank builds that go down in a couple hits. I'm tired of an inventory system that only lets you carry and store twenty out of millions of guns. (Imagine if Pokemon only gave you one storage box.)

    Borderlands 1 and 2 stand out to me now for how they get worse on subsequent playthroughs. They always end up badly balanced, as if no one in the development team realized what kind of game they were actually making.

    Posted in 90 Percent of Gearbox Is Working on What "You Want [Them] to Be Working On"

  • Avatar for CK20XX CK20XX 2 months ago

    Like the original Shantae, Earthbound badly needs a remake. For one, I would have really liked to see a condiment box to carry all my spices and dressings in. I just never wanted to use them because a tiny packet of sugar took up as much space as a super deluxe pizza.

    Posted in Super NES Classic Reviews Game by Game #17: EarthBound