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  • Avatar for Cynalus Cynalus A month ago

    One of my all-time favorite studios and to this day one of my favorite group of beyond-talented people ever. Phenomenal story. This closing saddened a great number of us - and the amazing products! (I still remember buying BG1, my conversation with the guy behind me at EB as we were both getting BG2, and firing up Torment for the first time in college. Add in IWD1+2 and that music, the Fallouts, and man! Awesome.

    Again. Superb article. Superb people. Superb products. Thanks all around.

    Posted in The Last Days of Black Isle Studios

  • Avatar for Cynalus Cynalus 8 months ago

    Bravely Default. So so SO good.

    Posted in USgamer Community Question: What Are You Currently Playing?

  • Avatar for Cynalus Cynalus 9 months ago

    Wait...if library support makes it worthwhile, consider purchasing way down the line.

    $299. --- Too high relative to what the ticket gets you.
    It's like going to Disney and only being able to get onto 2-3 rides (and at Hollywood Studios and not even the Magic Kingdom, no less)

    Most other options for $299 -- way more going for them.

    My 3DS can keep me occupied for a hefty amount of time just with the RPG backlog. And I'd rather spend comparable dough on a PS4 which has become this amazing Dragon Quest / Final Fantasy haven (my go-to combo) let alone the incredible amount of other buffet items available there (still going thru PC backlog / Steam purchases myself).

    When I was like 12 years old and the SNES dropped, it didn't have a super duper long line up of games, but what I remember was day 1 (for me / Christmas) F-Zero, Pilotwings, SMW --
    -- and that was followed within months to say 18 months or so by just so much -- among others, FF2(4-whatever...), Castlevania, Contra 3, SimCity, Mario Kart, Link to the Past, TMNT, SF2, Actraiser, Super R Type... and these games were to a degree hyped/known about.


    Switch is a black box of...?
    What's coming out? What's the support going to be? How's the third party options? You got games?

    I'd pay $300 for a Switch.

    *If* Nintendo showed me not *a* reason (or 2-3 reasons.....) but, say 6-8+ reasons over a year, and a dozen+ over say 18-24 months.

    Right now, nearly utilitarian related to work/life balance, other gaming options, and markedly more options than 1991-92 --- I just think the Switch is not dropping a boulder into a pond to oohhh and aahhh at, but in reality is more just kind of dropping a small stone and making a pretty little ripple in a giant lake...
    ...a few games look awesome, but the landscape on a broader scale needs more to influence it for more of an impactful, consumer-behavior-modifying, make-this-worth-my-while change.Edited 2 times. Last edited January 2017 by Unknown

    Posted in USgamer Community Question: Did Nintendo's Switch Presentation Convince You to Buy, Abstain, or Wait?

  • Avatar for Cynalus Cynalus 9 months ago

    Hey Chief, you okay? You playin' corpse or you puttin' the blinds on the Dusties? I thought you were a deader for sure.

    Posted in Torment: Tides of Numenera Launching on February 28, 2017

  • Avatar for Cynalus Cynalus 11 months ago

    A new Final Fantasy Legend.
    Draw Nobuo Uematsu and/or Kenji Ito for the soundtrack.
    Man. That'd be awesome.

    Posted in USgamer Community Question: Which Game Would you Most Want to Play on Nintendo Switch?

  • Avatar for Cynalus Cynalus 11 months ago

    @Kat.Bailey to this: @modernlove69 Of all time? I think you have to include an RPG in there. Something like Wizardry or Ultima."

    Absolutely. Wizardry 4 or 5. And as much as I like Ultima 5, Ultima 4 was just striking at its time, beyond Exodus for sure in scope, vision, breadth, depth. I think it solidified Richard Garriott as a visionary and also redefined what an RPG could be and could do well before "open world" games appeared. It paved the way to Planescape Torment and Black Isle games in general for sure.

    And I would go with Wolfenstein 3D over Doom for influential/"of all time..." There'd not even have been a Doom......

    Posted in We Rank the Games of Nintendo's NES Classic Edition

  • Avatar for Cynalus Cynalus 11 months ago

    Concur re: Mega Man 2 as #1. So so so awesome. Very happy to see you list FF1 up there.

    Very hard for me to reconcile that Bubble Bobble or Kirby is higher on your list than Metroid, Castlevania 2, or I suppose even Punch-Out. Otherwise, near-full concurrence...

    ...Personally would also put Ninja Gaiden in top 5; in some alternative universe, Ryu is totally kicking Kirby's @$$ right now.

    Posted in We Rank the Games of Nintendo's NES Classic Edition

  • Avatar for Cynalus Cynalus 11 months ago

    Awesome. Played DW1 back when it came out repeatedly; such a great soundtrack to this day. Played DW3 last year; blown away; and soundtrack superb. Recently have been playing DQ5 and DQ7 on DS -- just phenomenal. And my bro, who is not a DS guy, picked up DQB on PS4 and is obsessed with it.

    A strikingly consistent brand overall, with top notch gameplay, music, stories, atmosphere, gentle mellow-ness. Great to see the attention to it.

    Posted in Square Enix "Committed To Bringing More Dragon Quest Titles" West

  • Avatar for Cynalus Cynalus A year ago

    Without debate, Guitar Hero: Metallica, Expert, my bro on drums, me on lead, my buddy Aaron on microphone duty.

    ...last 3 songs, with a Victory Brewing Co Imperial Stout on standby, and as the world ends Fight Club style, would be:
    1) Dyer's Eve
    2) Creeping Death
    3) The Memory Remains

    (...fade to black...)

    Edited October 2016 by Unknown

    Posted in USgamer Community Question: You Can Only Play One More Game. What Would it Be?

  • Avatar for Cynalus Cynalus A year ago

    Some of what I've enjoyed definitely include the Elder Scrolls -- Arena, Daggerfall, blown away by Morrowind back at release, Oblivion, Skyrim.

    All the FFs mentioned absolutely concur with. I loved the hunts in 12 in particular and how the maps felt so sprawling with the music so fitting.
    For MMOs, I loved FF14 for the short few months I put in before going back to Rift for awhile [if I had way more time I'd invest more in this for sure], then moving on to GW2 with some buddies for probably 2 years (Jeremy Soule for the win *again*). And then Tamriel, which is wonderful in its own way/niche.


    BUT. To answer the one I enjoyed the most.
    That would throw me to when everything, everything, was just new and shiny and wondrous to a 9 year-old.

    [Wizardry 5 was one thing and I am digging Etrian Odyssey...]

    BUT... ULTIMA 5: WARRIORS OF DESTINY. Oh wow. I mean. So big. An underworld? The lore and the cloth map? The sound effects. The first person dungeons and somewhat tactical combat? Phew. Richard Garriott. Origin + Broderbund. Awesome.

    I even remember being stuck trying to find and beat some Shadowlords back then. I wrote Origin with my dot-matrix Apple //c printer and 4th-5th grade handwritten envelope.

    They sent me back what at the time and at that age was such a cool response from a gaming company pre-Internet it blew me away (early gaming at its very best) [Shout out to also back then calling Sega to find out how to beat Lassic].

    It was a full envelope. A typed note. Some ads for upcoming games. A map. And a photocopied-from-some-hint-book page with a pen-written deciphering to explain what to do. This was unreal. And so exploring this game was my first true start-to-finish RPG gaming probably just-pre DW1 and FF1...

    So this by default takes the cake.
    ...Ultima 5: Warriors of Destiny...

    Posted in USgamer Community Question: Which Game Have You Enjoyed Exploring the Most?