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  • Avatar for Dastuun Dastuun 10 months ago

    I imagine this is a familiar tale...

    I dove straight into Horizon and fell in love. After about 20 hours of taking my time I think I am still very early in the game. Everything is still pretty terrifying.

    Then the Switch drops and now I am about 20 hours into Zelda, and absolutely loving it.

    I feel bad about walking away from Horizon, and I will absolutely get back to it. But Zelda has all of my attention until I finish it. I am allowing my Horizon muscle memory to atrophy. I'll probably need to start over. But in the meantime, I have many shrines to uncover.

    Posted in Starting Screen: Why Zelda is an Unexpectedly Great Proof of Concept for the Switch

  • Avatar for Dastuun Dastuun 10 months ago

    Truly fantastic format and descriptions. Much appreciated.

    Posted in Nintendo Switch Preview: A Visual Walkthrough of Nintendo's Newest Console

  • Avatar for Dastuun Dastuun A year ago

    Nicely done,@jeremy.parish. I always enjoy reading your thoughtful pieces. This one was particularly enjoyable and informative. Thank you!

    FFXV is now back on my "excited about" list.

    Posted in Final Fantasy XV Travel Diary, Final Day: Stray Thoughts and Observations

  • Avatar for Dastuun Dastuun A year ago

    It would be difficult to play a Red Dead with someone else voicing Marston, and Rob Wiethoff made it pretty clear he wasn't coming back. Alas.

    That said, it seems too obvious, but is that John third from the left? Presumably Dutch is in the middle, and Bill would be... third from the right?

    Nah. Looks like a different crew. Whatever it turns out to be, my body is ready.

    Hit me, Rockstar.

    Err... just don't force me to do too many of those doggone horse races...


    Posted in Red Dead Redemption 2 is Almost Certainly a Prequel

  • Avatar for Dastuun Dastuun A year ago

    "is largely what keeps you save [safe?] against predators"

    Posted in To Survive Hyper Light Drifter's Brutal World, You Must Wander

  • Avatar for Dastuun Dastuun A year ago

    Huh. This list is very closely aligned to my own opinions. I find that surprising. I usually have to defend my feelings about Twilight Princess. I'd swap Ocarina and Majora's, and I never played Four Swords, but the rest is spot on for me.


    Posted in What's the Greatest Legend of Zelda Game Ever? We Ranked Them All (Number 10-1)

  • Avatar for Dastuun Dastuun A year ago

    Adventure for the 2600. I got bored of playing Combat by myself.

    Venture. Some crazy space game thing... can't remember the name.

    After that, a lot of C64 games: Bard's Tale II, Skyfox, Gary Kitchen's Game Maker, Elite... The manual for Elite was great. It included a handful of very short stories set in the Elite universe. I read those over and over.

    There were some Ultimas early on. Flight Simulator. Geez... this stuff is old.

    Posted in USgamer Community Question: What Was the First Game you Bought?

  • Avatar for Dastuun Dastuun 2 years ago

    This is an excellent piece. Well done.

    Posted in How the Xenoverse Got Its Groove Back

  • Avatar for Dastuun Dastuun 2 years ago

    Hmm... nice reminder about Zelda. Moving that to the NX would be a boon for a new platform, but would alienate a lot of Wii U owners.

    Are there any examples of Nintendo releasing a game across two consoles? Something in my mind says yes... oh wait. The "New Nintendo 3DS." Some games take advantage of the new hardware, such as Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, which adds higher res textures on the newer version of the handheld.

    Come to think of it, wasn't there a Zelda that did this, too?

    Posted in Still More Evidence for a 2016 Release for Nintendo's NX Console

  • Avatar for Dastuun Dastuun 2 years ago

    Asheron's Call 2
    Vanguard: Saga of Heroes
    EverQuest 2
    The Secret World
    Star Wars: The Old Republic (MMO)
    The MMOs alone are a long list. :(

    Watch Dogs
    Assassin's Creed: Unity
    The Order

    I guess it happens a lot. Or maybe I'm just prone to hype.

    Posted in USgamer Community Question: Which Bad Game's Hype Did You Fall For?