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  • Avatar for Dorchadas Dorchadas 2 days ago

    This is fantastic. I got hundreds of hours of gaming out of those old shareware CDs.

    I wish the page had a bit more info on what kind of games were included, especially those RPGs. Shareware CDs are how I discovered Castle of the Winds, Aethra Chronicles, and Solar Winds, and those are still fun to play today.

    Posted in Mossmouth's UFO 50 Takes Players Back to the Shareware Era

  • Avatar for Dorchadas Dorchadas 3 days ago

    I really hope they can expand on the flaws of PS:T. It was an amazing game, but while Sigil was a fantastic location filled with interesting characters and fascinating locations, almost everywhere else was just a place filled with enemies to frustrate oneself against thanks to PS:T's awful combat. Making a Planescape game without showing the actual wonder of the planes is probably my least favorite thing about PS:T.

    These are all Sigil factions, so the focus is probably there again, but I can hope.

    Posted in Could Beamdog Be Making a New Planescape Title?

  • Avatar for Dorchadas Dorchadas 15 days ago

    I see someone in this thread is mad about video games because they'd be one of the people getting their head axed in by the protagonist...

    Posted in In Wolfenstein 2's Quietest Chapter, Evil Hides in Plain Sight

  • Avatar for Dorchadas Dorchadas 23 days ago

    I'm extremely glad I put in for Friday and Monday off months ago before I knew the SMO release date. It's like an extra present in addition to getting to play the game!

    Posted in Super Mario Odyssey Review: Gotta Capture 'em All

  • Avatar for Dorchadas Dorchadas 27 days ago

    Like Kat, probably the Witcher. I own all three games and I'm sure I'll get to them someday...but I haven't even booted them up.

    Or Persona. I had a friend who spent a year trying to get me to play Persona 3, and after living in rural Japan I'd probably love Persona 4. But I've never played even a minute of them.

    Posted in USgamer Community Question: What's a Major Series That You Consider to Be a Huge Blindspot for You?

  • Avatar for Dorchadas Dorchadas 29 days ago

    Oh good, I should have enough time to buy Night in the Woods on sale, beat it over a long weekend, and then start Super Mario Odyssey only a little late.

    Definitely not enough time to beat Trails in the Sky SC before then, though...

    Posted in The Steam Halloween, Black Friday, and Winter Sale Dates Have Reportedly Leaked

  • Avatar for Dorchadas Dorchadas A month ago

    I still like grinding, sometimes. There are times in a game that I want something to occupy my hands and mind that's more active than watching TV, so I'll put on a podcast and go find some random dungeon in Oblivion or play Final Fantasy I. It's what I used to do in World of Warcraft, when I'd fly around Terokkar Forest late at night and pick herbs.

    But only sometimes. And every game should have Earthbound's ability to automatically win encounters that are far too weak to bother fighting.

    Posted in Down With Grinding

  • Avatar for Dorchadas Dorchadas A month ago

    FFIX is the place I developed a love for the trope of the evil miasma, long before I read The Mist or played Silent Hill. They didn't do much with it in the story, but I love how civilization is perched up on plateaus and cliffs, using airships to avoid the monsters below.

    Posted in The Written Final Fantasy IX Report: Ahead On Our Way

  • Avatar for Dorchadas Dorchadas A month ago

    There are already mods that do all of this, but this could be a good basis to build other mods around with some better integration into the base game (UI bars for warmth, etc.).

    I was going to say "more stable," but this is Bethesda we're talking about here.

    Posted in Bethesda's Creation Club Now Offers an Extreme New Survival Mode for Skyrim

  • Avatar for Dorchadas Dorchadas 2 months ago

    Ultima IV is one of those games I really wish I had played at the time, because I don't think I could go back to it now. I played a bit of the NES port and, while I know it's a bit less full-featured than the PC version, the art style is so cute.

    Posted in How Richard Garriott Got Players to Start Thinking About the Choices They Make in Ultima IV