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  • Avatar for Fade2Gray Fade2Gray 21 hours ago

    @sfalletta Yeah. I could potentially see this who thing going the same way as the MMO scramble a while back. Every big publisher eager to throw all of their resources at the new everlasting fountain of money while only a few (or one *coughWoW*) ever actually see those massive profits. Maybe "games as a service" will eventually die off of it's own accord the same way.

    Posted in Dead Space 2 "Underperformed" Despite 4 Million Sold, According to Former Visceral Employee

  • Avatar for Fade2Gray Fade2Gray 8 days ago

    It's worth mentioning that this was also around the time EA was racking up all those "Worst Company" awards.

    Posted in The Harsh History Of Gaming Microtransactions: From Horse Armor to Loot Boxes

  • Avatar for Fade2Gray Fade2Gray 14 days ago

    @Lord-Bob-Bree That would be a very different sort of game. Maybe, riding Shelob? Wait, never mind, same problem now. How about riding undead Smaug. There you go!

    Posted in Middle-earth: Shadow of War Review: Where Many Paths and Errands Meet

  • Avatar for Fade2Gray Fade2Gray A month ago

    I haven't played Destiny 2 (I probably won't) but I have the same problem with mid-tier and rare consumables in most games. I just sit on them and never use them.

    My long running hypothesis is that game devs occasionally suffer from what I call "Neo syndrome." When they look at a game and it's consumable systems they see the code, the drop rates, the the expected player behavior, and the theory tying it all together resulting in the decisions underpinning their game design. Players however don't see any of this. They exist within the simulation and only have their own experiences and instincts to guide them. Even if they're roughly aware of the drop rates, they know that on an individual level they have no guarantees (that they're aware of) that they'll get the that rare item again before they need it or if there might be and even more dire/advantageous situation for that item yet to come, so risk adverse players are likely to just sit on a mountain of rare consumables and never use them.

    Posted in Destiny 2's New Shader System Has Me Suffering From Shader Hoarder Syndrome

  • Avatar for Fade2Gray Fade2Gray A month ago

    I wonder if Camp Santo was aware of how heated the DMCA issue is on Youtube among gaming personalities and their fans right now. A lot of very popular people (including people that due quite a bit more than simply record lets plays) have been getting hit with a lot of claims out of the blue lately. No matter how justified Campo Santo may have been here (or how nasty PDP's comments were), by issuing a high profile retaliatory DMCA they're playing into the narrative of out of touch game dvs/publisher ruining a lot of excellent content on Youtube out of greed.

    Posted in Firewatch Dev Issues DMCA Takedown Against PewDiePie After He Streamed a Racial Slur [Updated]

  • Avatar for Fade2Gray Fade2Gray A month ago

    Very cool. I'm working my way through MH Stories now, but this is next on my 3DS queue.

    Posted in Metroid: Samus Returns Review: A Near Perfect Remake of an Underappreciated Gem

  • Avatar for Fade2Gray Fade2Gray A month ago

    @Monkey-Tamer Right! I think I'd be constantly on the verge of a panic attack with how much stress, uncertainty, and OT they have to deal with in that industry. Game devs forever have my respect because I couldn't do it.

    Posted in The Last Days of Black Isle Studios

  • Avatar for Fade2Gray Fade2Gray A month ago

    I think Avellone's work on Original Sin 2 has been pretty much done for a while now. The most recent thing I've heard he's working on is the new Pathfinder Kingmaker game that was just Kickstarted.

    Posted in The Last Days of Black Isle Studios