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  • Avatar for Fallout2 Fallout2 15 days ago

    Donkey Kong Country 2 turned a good game that was at its heart a marketing gimmick into a great game with memorable stages and full of character. Donkey Kong Country 3 was also very well designed though played by like three people.
    @AxiomVerge Order Of Ecclesia for the DS also retains the countryside/town (kinda)/dungeon structure. Fun game too.

    Posted in USgamer Community Question: What's Your Favorite Video Game Sequel?

  • Avatar for Fallout2 Fallout2 A month ago

    @Thad It's very much worth checking out. Graphics are dated of course, but the story & presentation are very intriguing. Should have sold a couple mil.

    Posted in New Interview Reveals the High Expectations That Doomed the Classic RPG Panzer Dragoon Saga

  • Avatar for Fallout2 Fallout2 2 months ago

    "Under these umbrellas, Black Isle Studios produced some of the most loved RPGs of all time, including Fallout 2 and Planescape Torment. "

    So, is that Fallout 2 any good?

    Posted in The Last Days of Black Isle Studios

  • Avatar for Fallout2 Fallout2 2 months ago

    @moochan Eh, Other M was more combat heavy than I would have liked, but there were a lot of secrets if you went hunting. Its main failing was the characterisation which, unfortunately, came straight from Sakamoto.

    Posted in Metroid: Samus Returns Review Impressions: Samus is Such a Badass in MercurySteam's Remake

  • Avatar for Fallout2 Fallout2 2 months ago

    DKC 3 may have been released too late to make much of a splash, but it's one of the better platformers I've played. Of course everyone (me included) was too busy playing Super Mario 64 by then.

    Posted in Super NES Classic Reviews Game by Game #15: Donkey Kong Country

  • Avatar for Fallout2 Fallout2 2 months ago

    Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan! for the DS. A rhythm game in Japanese with no music I know, as if that would appeal...

    Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga for the GBA. Another Mario rpg just like the SNES one, it will probably be stale and a bit boring, as if that would appeal...

    Starcraft for PC. Looks a bit crap compared to Total Annihilation and it couldn't possibly be as good as Warcraft II anyway. As if that would appeal...

    Europa Universalis III for PC. Spending a billion hours to find out how the game works and not fully controlling your provinces with vassals and whatnot, as if that would appeal...

    Binding of Isaac for PC. Zelda is brilliant, but the first game wasn't the best and the art style is really not my thing. As if that would appeal...

    In short, I read reviews and try games out because first impressions can be completely wrong and all the above became strong favourites. Also, shoutout to the fantastic Xenoblade Chronicles X.

    Posted in USgamer Community Question: What Game Came Out of Nowhere to Become a Favorite?

  • Avatar for Fallout2 Fallout2 3 months ago

    I felt less bad for DQVII's delay when I played it for 100-odd hours. Maybe the localisation team needed to take its time too.

    Posted in Dragon Quest 11: Echoes of an Elusive Age Coming to the West in 2018

  • Avatar for Fallout2 Fallout2 3 months ago

    4.76 million copies for a new IP in a low-selling platform is pretty fantastic.

    Posted in Splatoon 2 Review: Super Splatter Happy

  • Avatar for Fallout2 Fallout2 6 months ago

    "The Dark World transforms Hyrule into a complex, maze-like space that feels almost like a sprawling dungeon in and of itself"

    Other games that played with the overworld-as-maze concept like The Minish Cap and Skyward Sword weren't received that well. To me, the difference is that in ALLTP there is more leeway to explore, so the game doesn't feel as restricted. Hyrule serves as a more relaxing area to spend time and uncover the odd secret between breaks from the Dark World, unless you can master the latter (in terms of equipment/knowledge/navigability/power etc.)

    Wonder if you'll touch on the dungeons since they are more puzzle based and there are some standouts.

    Posted in A Link to the Past Uncovered, Part 3: Link's Trek Into Darkness

  • Avatar for Fallout2 Fallout2 9 months ago

    @ATBro Well, my preorder is in and waiting. Not talking much about it is a way of dealing with waiting!

    Posted in Starting Screen: Nintendo Switch and the Sound of Silence