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  • Avatar for Flojomojo Flojomojo A month ago

    @WiIIyTheAntelope it's cool that he's still around, though. I too really liked his writing in the early days. Also Matt Cassamassina (sp?) who is a games curator behind the scenes at the App Store now.

    Posted in IGN Outlines How its Editorial Department Will Cover Humble Bundle Services [Update]

  • Avatar for Flojomojo Flojomojo A month ago

    I don't have any concerns about "ethics in video game journalism," but I do worry that IGN will screw up the good thing that is Humble Bundle. So don't do that, IGN!!

    Honestly it's probably for the best and a sign of financial long term success that these two things merge together.

    Posted in IGN Outlines How its Editorial Department Will Cover Humble Bundle Services [Update]

  • Avatar for Flojomojo Flojomojo A month ago

    Jeez Kat...they only gave us a little taste of it, why not refrain from dumping on it until the full thing drops?

    As an old person who used to love going to arcades, "arcadey" is not an insult at all.

    Posted in Star Wars: Battlefront 2's Beta Shows Why Its Problems Go Beyond Loot Boxes

  • Avatar for Flojomojo Flojomojo 2 months ago

    Mine is VECTRON for Intellivision, circa 1983. My parents left me alone for one of the first times, so I promptly got on my bike and rode to the department store, and wasted thirty bucks on this abstract turd of a game. It was intended as Mattel's answer to Tempest, and had a few graphical flourishes, but the gameplay was obtuse and about as fun as a toothache. I never told anyone how I got the game or how much I payed until just now. Regrets!

    Posted in USgamer Community Question: What's the First Game You Bought That You Wish You Could've Returned?

  • Avatar for Flojomojo Flojomojo A year ago

    I bought the 2016 handheld, which is the same thing only with its own screen, an SD card slot, and no cartridge port or controller ports. It's not great, but it's a sweet little play-anything Genesis for forty bucks. Agreed they need to step up their game but I don't think these are quite as bad as Professor Parish's hateful review would suggest.

    Posted in At Games SEGA Genesis Classic Game Console: Clone War Fatality

  • Avatar for Flojomojo Flojomojo A year ago

    That's a nice writeup, and I'm curious about the 100 games and how they were selected. The controller does look nice, but what really counts is how it feels, so I hope they pull it off.

    I love plug n plays even though I don't know why. This fall, I definitely want the Atari Flashback portable (it is confirmed to have an SD card slot for adding your own games), and possibly this one depending upon reviews. The NES Mini isn't something I need in the least, but it looks so cute and if it's up to typical Nintendo standards of quality, I won't be able to resist.

    Posted in Retro-Bit's Generations Console: A 100-Game Leap Beyond the Classic Mini NES

  • Avatar for Flojomojo Flojomojo A year ago

    @Ralek It HURTS me to say this, but multiplayer space shooter gameplay just isn't that fun. I say that as a giant fan of Wing Commander, X-Wing, TIE Fighter, Star Fox, and so many others ... it's turn, turn, turn and shoot, shoot, shoot. There's little strategy and in my opinion, it's more fun against bots than against real humans.

    Posted in Star Fox Zero Wii U Review: Open the Wings

  • Avatar for Flojomojo Flojomojo A year ago

    @ruseldemaria55 GOG gave these extras away with the digital re-releases. It would be neat to see them as free downloads, too. Such a fun time. I always liked your work.

    Posted in Why the 1994 Version of X-wing is Better Than the 1998 Version

  • Avatar for Flojomojo Flojomojo A year ago

    @grappler51 I have a dream that DICE will work many of the "classic" (they aren't, they're just old) scenarios into this engine as part of the season pass. They've already implemented the speed/firepower balance in an elegant way --far more so than hitting F9 on a keyboard, anyway.

    Disney has already given us a ton of Star Wars retro releases on GOG, and more are coming to PS4. I don't know how commercially viable a remake of XW/TF would be, but he time is right and they've surprised and delighted this middle aged Star Wars a lot lately.

    I also want KOTOR II on mobile -- but not yet, I have no time to play it.

    Posted in Star Wars Battlefront's Fighter Squadron Mode is the Starfighter Game I've Wanted for 15 Years

  • Avatar for Flojomojo Flojomojo 2 years ago

    I'm happy to wait and see what Nintendo actually shows. They're too off the wall to predict with any accuracy. I'll eat a gameboy color if NX is even remotely similar to a PowerBook Duo!

    Posted in Nintendo's NX: Another Verse in the Company's Love Song to Apple?