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  • Avatar for Frosty840 Frosty840 4 days ago

    @nadiaoxford "Inafune DOES have the power to restore at least a little bit of confidence to Kickstarter."
    Actually, I'd argue that he's so completely ruined his reputation with MNN that he probably doesn't have any power to restore any confidence to Kickstarter.
    He's run the numbers on Vita and 3DS versions of MNN, and looked at the game's reception, and decided that porting the game to those platforms won't make any profit, so he's taken that tasty stretch goal money and run with it. That's conceivably a decision that's out of his hands but someone has decided those versions are never getting made, and that's going to be a black mark on the Kickstarter platform forever.

    Posted in Nadia's Midboss Musings: The Mighty Miasma That Hangs over Kickstarter (Plus: Meet Slogra!)

  • Avatar for Frosty840 Frosty840 5 days ago

    Disgaea 4? Good lord, they were the worst, most repetitive cast in the entire series. I got depressed every time a cutscene started.
    I'm sure they improve once you've trudged past the opening ten chapters and they finally start resolving their potential storylines, but clawing my way through the game to get to that point was beyond me.

    Posted in Disgaea 5 Complete Review: The Game of The Year Edition A Few Years Later

  • Avatar for Frosty840 Frosty840 28 days ago

    ::circles each use of the word "sequences" in red ink::

    Posted in Full Throttle Remastered Review

  • Avatar for Frosty840 Frosty840 A month ago

    Had the game, even though I don't think the series itself came to UK terrestrial TV until many years, even a decade, later (IIRC it was used to pump up sales of the Murdoch/Fox-run Sky satellite television network).
    Bart Vs The Space Mutants is such a *weird* game that I almost have to give it credit. It's a Sierra-era adventure game in platform-game format, with all the horrors that entails; It was filled with missable level goals, routes through the level that would leave it in an uncompletable state, stuff that would inevitably murder you if you didn't know their bizarre, unguessable secret...
    And yet, there was so much going on in the game that was wildly inventive. There were some thirty or so goals in the first level's collection of purple objects that needed to be eliminated, and at least ten or twelve unique solutions in amongst them. Sure, subsequent levels (especially the second) never really got as interesting as that one, but Acclaim attempted a huge amount throughout BVTSM, and it certainly should get all credit for that.
    That said, they tried hard and *failed* with a lot of stuff, and it's certainly a largely pointless use of the Simpsons license (probably inevitable given the NES's graphical limitations).
    As a piece of pure early era gaming weirdness though, I've still gotta love it.

    Posted in Nadia's Midboss Musings: Learning About Capitalism the Bart Simpson Way

  • Avatar for Frosty840 Frosty840 A month ago

    It'd be nice if Sony could put together something like the SteamMover program.
    If you've not used it, it's something that will let you keep a main Steam library on a big, slower drive, and then transfer the games you want onto smaller, faster drives (presumably an SSD), and keep the two or three games you're playing the most on that until you get bored, transfer them back onto the slower drive and "promote" something else onto the SSD.
    I could really do with something similar for my PS4; download all my games to a big, external drive, and then move the ones I think I'm going to play today onto an internal SSD.
    It's probably too "PC" and manual for most console owners though (not you guys, the "COD & Madden" crowd).
    Honestly, I've always found it strange that hybrid drives never really took off for sizes larger than 500GB. A 2-3TB drive with 20GB of intelligent, high-speed storage would be perfect for most console gamers, but they've simply never materialised on the market.

    Posted in PS4 Slim Upgrades Standard Storage To 1TB

  • Avatar for Frosty840 Frosty840 A month ago

    @KaiserWarrior This is one of the things I'm finding most interesting about this console cycle. The Pro/Scorpio models are a real attempt by the console makers to create an alternative to the "console generation" product cycle, but all the consumers who buy a console and dig in for the long haul are a massive impediment to that kind of plan.
    It'll be very interesting to see what happens when we come around to the "PS5"/"XBTwo" due date and find out whether we'll get a new generation or "PS4.2/Pro 1.5" and "BOne.2/Scorpio 1.5"...
    Interesting times ahead.

    Posted in Xbox Project Scorpio's Strength Isn't Enough To Lead The Pack

  • Avatar for Frosty840 Frosty840 A month ago

    I very nearly gave away my kickstarter backer copy of this last night. Not because I don't want it, but because I felt a desire to give it away to someone to inspire them to feel the same love for Ron and Gary's work that I do.
    Sadly, I suspect that the Thimbleweed Parks of this world belong largely to the world of Let's Players these days. Watching someone else struggle with the easy stuff while you shout at their obtuseness, and sparing you your own frustrations and failings when you don't have the answer is a very appealing framework to enjoy games like this, especially when YouTube pumps thousands of fresh hours of such content through their series of tubes every day.
    I'm as guilty as anyone else who's taken to watching, rather than playing, their games these days, but it'd be nice to see more Let's Players push their viewers to show their appreciation for games by asking them to buy the games they've watched, even if they don't ever intend to play them themselves. There's not enough of that sort of "actually, support these developers, even if you just want to watch me play their games" comment being made these days and I think it's a shame...

    Well... that was a pretty tangential comment I guess but maybe it's worth posting...

    Posted in Thimbleweed Park Review

  • Avatar for Frosty840 Frosty840 A month ago

    @Jonnyboy407 "past their initial release"? This is the initial release. Even if I'd picked ME:A up, I wouldn't have had time to play much of it yet. I might be ten hours in at most. As it is, I'm having trouble polishing off the end of Ashes of Ariandel so's I can start on the new Dark Souls 3 DLC.
    I agree that these are nice discussions to have, but to see these almost-retrospective articles barely a week after the game's been released leaves me pretty cold. Where are you guys finding the time to play these things?

    Posted in Mass Effect: Andromeda's Biggest Problem Is That It's Kind of Boring

  • Avatar for Frosty840 Frosty840 A month ago

    @SatelliteOfLove We can't keep going on about the boars. They fixed the stunlock issue with a patch in what was a very short space of time in those early internet days...

    Posted in ELEX Finds the Developer of Gothic and Risen Expanding Its Horizons

  • Avatar for Frosty840 Frosty840 A month ago

    As with the Eurogamer review, thanks for the rating, I'll get back to reading the actual review as a kind of pre-retrospective in the coming days.

    Posted in Persona 5 Review