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  • Avatar for Frosty840 Frosty840 15 days ago

    @jeremy.parish 30HP the worst element? Got to disagree there. The endless vertical corridors at the start of the game are what ruin it for me. Having to make my way up through those interminable towers of identical screens with no ingame method to track my position, having to count out every floor myself... Even with a map I'd picked up from a guide site, in the end there was no way I could put up with it.
    I'll agree, that the catastrophically low health at respawn (along with an endless, grating "low health" alert, IIRC) was crap but I recall the game gave you enemy spawners to deal with that. It was a design flaw that was combated by the game itself. On the flipside it took until the second sequel for Metroid to get a map.

    Posted in Metroid Game By Game Reviews: Metroid

  • Avatar for Frosty840 Frosty840 18 days ago

    I have to wonder how much Let's Play culture figures into this. A few years ago (when games were admittedly cheaper) I might have picked up Resi 7, knowing it's a high-quality game, and nevertheless simply never gotten around to playing it.

    Now, with launch-day games being 80%+ more expensive than I really feel comfortable paying for them, I definitely wouldn't (and didn't) buy it, but I did watch a Let's Play.

    I might yet pick up a copy for £10 or £15, just to support the developer/publisher, but the days of thoughtlessly buying a game at release are long gone thanks to increasingly bonkers (and deceptive) pricing and the fact that there just aren't enough hours in the day to play so many games to completion...

    Posted in Capcom Is In A Sad, Sorry State Right Now

  • Avatar for Frosty840 Frosty840 23 days ago

    Huh. I had completely forgotten Ganon's Tower was a thing. Mind you, my memories of this and Link Between Worlds are now hopelessly jumbled, so I only really remembered the final dungeon of LBW, which is in an entirely different location IIRC.

    Posted in Super NES Classic Reviews Game by Game #6: The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past

  • Avatar for Frosty840 Frosty840 23 days ago

    Pedantic comment: You want some em dashes there, not hyphens.
    — em dash
    – en dash
    - hyphen

    "to place a pre-order —my checkout was relatively painless— before stock depleted and the site crashed."

    The Wikipedia entry on the humble Dash is a glorious shrine to useless information…

    Posted in Walmart is Saying Pre-Orders for the SNES Classic Went Up Too Early

  • Avatar for Frosty840 Frosty840 25 days ago

    My only problem with it is that it's unlikely to do anything interesting with the uniqueness of Shelob as a character.
    Maybe having her as a hideous, Kerrigan-like broodmother figure, spreading the dreadful waves of her young across the face of Mordor, fuelling some kind of Orc/dead-elf-human-blacksmith-ranger alliance would be cool.
    I'm not really expecting more than a "sexy villainess temptress" trope though, and that's kind of a shame in terms of actually giving the game a story.

    Posted in Middle-Earth Shadow of War Changed Shelob and Fans Aren't Having Any of It

  • Avatar for Frosty840 Frosty840 28 days ago

    I've tended to not be all that interested in the RPG discussions lately (no games are really catching my eye at the moment, plus I'm drowning in gaming backlog anyway), but I'm always interested in hearing more about the P4G/Chrono Trigger playthroughs.
    Is there any chance you guys can put together compilations of each of the Reports? Pretty please? It would be great to be able to listen through to all of them.

    Posted in Axe of the Blood God: The Persona 4 Golden Report Finale!

  • Avatar for Frosty840 Frosty840 A month ago

    Inconsequential but it's "political bent", and I'm not sure it can be correctly used in that kind of construction. I think "...which were of a more political bent..." might be more correct.
    The term "bent" is pretty archaic in that context anyway. I think I might have heard someone being described as being of "footballing bent" once...
    Don't mind me though. Grammar discussions are for boring nerds.

    Posted in How Final Fantasy XII's Development Troubles Presaged a Tough Decade for the Series

  • Avatar for Frosty840 Frosty840 A month ago

    The Crackdown comparison is apt, but honestly that game never really had anything more impressive to it than "(then) next-gen cityscapes" and "jumping really high". Crackdown 3 is looking like it's going to be a tremendous disappointment, and if AoM can get to market first it's going to be a tremendous disappointment with zero sales momentum...
    Hopefully AoM will successfully get past the loss of the brand recognition of the Saints Row series and make a success of itself. Honestly, Saints Row had one of the more satisfying and series-ending conclusions of any series I've played over the years (bizarre as it was), so I'm trying to get past my own misgivings for a new IP and looking forward to a new Volition game, with all the gleeful madness that implies.

    It'd be nice if they stopped sitting on the damn Freespace IP though. I mean, I know there's never, ever, ever going to be a real market for an old-style joystick-based shields/engines/weapons management space shooter again, but I still have my old Microsoft Precision Pro, and my dreams...

    Man, I'm on a nostalgia trip now. It's such a terrible, weird shame that the makers of outstanding genre classics like Descent and Freespace aren't making (and can't ever make) any new games in those series because the entire genre died out from under them.
    The people who made those games are probably no older than their late forties, and probably mostly still kicking around at Volition...
    USB joysticks are still around and still (somehow) coming down in price though, so I'm going to keep on dreaming of a day that will never come.

    Posted in Agents of Mayhem Shows the Difference A Year Can Make

  • Avatar for Frosty840 Frosty840 A month ago

    It's really difficult to tell how "good" the Steam sales are any more because I've already got all the games I ever wanted, so when there's a whole bunch of amazing 90%-off deals, I already bought them at 80%-off six years ago and think the sales nowadays suck...
    I'm wondering if they're going to continue the pattern of discounting the main games and leaving most of the DLC at its original prices, though. I noticed that with the new Doom the last few times it's gone on sale. No discounts on the DLC, making it still an expensive prospect to buy "all" of the game, despite a steep discount on the main game. We'll see where that pattern goes, I guess.

    Posted in The 2017 Steam Summer Sale's Start Date Has Leaked, and It's Happening Soon

  • Avatar for Frosty840 Frosty840 2 months ago

    "Despite all the whistles and bells Sumo Games put into Crackdown 3 has thanks its development on a current-gen console"
    Looks like there was a head-on collision between "Despite all the whistles and bells Sumo Games put into Crackdown 3" and "Despite all the whistles and bells Crackdown 3 has thanks to its development" and this is the tragic, Frankensteinian outcome...

    Posted in Crackdown 3 Is More Crackdown, for Better or for Worse