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  • Avatar for Frosty840 Frosty840 7 days ago

    The Crackdown comparison is apt, but honestly that game never really had anything more impressive to it than "(then) next-gen cityscapes" and "jumping really high". Crackdown 3 is looking like it's going to be a tremendous disappointment, and if AoM can get to market first it's going to be a tremendous disappointment with zero sales momentum...
    Hopefully AoM will successfully get past the loss of the brand recognition of the Saints Row series and make a success of itself. Honestly, Saints Row had one of the more satisfying and series-ending conclusions of any series I've played over the years (bizarre as it was), so I'm trying to get past my own misgivings for a new IP and looking forward to a new Volition game, with all the gleeful madness that implies.

    It'd be nice if they stopped sitting on the damn Freespace IP though. I mean, I know there's never, ever, ever going to be a real market for an old-style joystick-based shields/engines/weapons management space shooter again, but I still have my old Microsoft Precision Pro, and my dreams...

    Man, I'm on a nostalgia trip now. It's such a terrible, weird shame that the makers of outstanding genre classics like Descent and Freespace aren't making (and can't ever make) any new games in those series because the entire genre died out from under them.
    The people who made those games are probably no older than their late forties, and probably mostly still kicking around at Volition...
    USB joysticks are still around and still (somehow) coming down in price though, so I'm going to keep on dreaming of a day that will never come.

    Posted in Agents of Mayhem Shows the Difference A Year Can Make

  • Avatar for Frosty840 Frosty840 7 days ago

    It's really difficult to tell how "good" the Steam sales are any more because I've already got all the games I ever wanted, so when there's a whole bunch of amazing 90%-off deals, I already bought them at 80%-off six years ago and think the sales nowadays suck...
    I'm wondering if they're going to continue the pattern of discounting the main games and leaving most of the DLC at its original prices, though. I noticed that with the new Doom the last few times it's gone on sale. No discounts on the DLC, making it still an expensive prospect to buy "all" of the game, despite a steep discount on the main game. We'll see where that pattern goes, I guess.

    Posted in The 2017 Steam Summer Sale's Start Date Has Leaked, and It's Happening Soon

  • Avatar for Frosty840 Frosty840 13 days ago

    "Despite all the whistles and bells Sumo Games put into Crackdown 3 has thanks its development on a current-gen console"
    Looks like there was a head-on collision between "Despite all the whistles and bells Sumo Games put into Crackdown 3" and "Despite all the whistles and bells Crackdown 3 has thanks to its development" and this is the tragic, Frankensteinian outcome...

    Posted in Crackdown 3 Is More Crackdown, for Better or for Worse

  • Avatar for Frosty840 Frosty840 13 days ago

    Assassin's Creed: France (whatever it was called) was a decent game, crippled and beaten to death by that dreadful multiplayer component that reduced about 80% of the missions to a frantic speedrunning insanity (and let's not forget the utterly dire wait times while the game demanded you try and track down extra players you didn't want to be there in the first place).

    Assassin's Creed: London, on the other hand, was just a rubbish game that immediately turned you into a whirlwind of unstoppable death and automated climbing and removed anything like challenge from the proceedings. It all felt very much like a return to the pre-Dark-Souls era of conveyor-belt "game-like experiences" gently wafting you through the narrative in a series of semi-automated setpiece/cutscenes.

    Frankly, anything would be an improvement on either of those, but there's a big question about why I'd actually want to risk it on a series that appears to have entirely lost its way.

    Posted in Assassin's Creed Origins: Five Subtle Changes To The Franchise, From a Veteran

  • Avatar for Frosty840 Frosty840 20 days ago

    You're missing an "isn't", I think.
    Also one surrounds someone else "with archers", whereas that person is themselves surrounded "by archers", but that's orders of magnitude less important...

    Posted in Nadia's Midboss Musings: The Shameless, Beautiful Creature That Was the Classic NES Series (Plus: Meet Luca Blight!)

  • Avatar for Frosty840 Frosty840 27 days ago

    @SatelliteOfLove Oh, I realise that and I'm not complaining about the game itself. Regardless of the quality and impressiveness of the outcome though, it was still a complete shambles and an unsuccessful software project (even though it was nonetheless a very successful software product), and in a thread about game production that's still the important thing.

    Posted in Final Fantasy VII Remake's Slow Development Has Square Enix Back to Their Old Ways

  • Avatar for Frosty840 Frosty840 28 days ago

    @Kat.Bailey I think you give Square too much credit. The original Final Fantasy 7 was an utter shambles, with art styles all over the place; wildly varying quality; a thousand different ideas all pulled off pretty half-assedly; a hundred cut plot-lines; its release in Japan, then its release in the west, and then its re-release in Japan, with all the new features from the western release that hadn't been finished for the Japanese release date, with a few extras thrown in for good measure because Square hadn't stopped developing the game just because it had been released...
    To be honest, I'm surprised they even had a director in the first place.

    Posted in Final Fantasy VII Remake's Slow Development Has Square Enix Back to Their Old Ways

  • Avatar for Frosty840 Frosty840 29 days ago

    I had a strategy itch that needed scratching over the long weekend, and took a risk on Civ6. All that got me was a kick in the unmentionables for being silly enough to trust Firaxis again.
    Maybe I'll go back and give this expansion a whirl.

    Posted in Galactic Civilizations III Crusade Review: Every Citizen Is Important

  • Avatar for Frosty840 Frosty840 A month ago

    @nadiaoxford "Inafune DOES have the power to restore at least a little bit of confidence to Kickstarter."
    Actually, I'd argue that he's so completely ruined his reputation with MNN that he probably doesn't have any power to restore any confidence to Kickstarter.
    He's run the numbers on Vita and 3DS versions of MNN, and looked at the game's reception, and decided that porting the game to those platforms won't make any profit, so he's taken that tasty stretch goal money and run with it. That's conceivably a decision that's out of his hands but someone has decided those versions are never getting made, and that's going to be a black mark on the Kickstarter platform forever.

    Posted in Nadia's Midboss Musings: The Mighty Miasma That Hangs over Kickstarter (Plus: Meet Slogra!)

  • Avatar for Frosty840 Frosty840 A month ago

    Disgaea 4? Good lord, they were the worst, most repetitive cast in the entire series. I got depressed every time a cutscene started.
    I'm sure they improve once you've trudged past the opening ten chapters and they finally start resolving their potential storylines, but clawing my way through the game to get to that point was beyond me.

    Posted in Disgaea 5 Complete Review: The Game of The Year Edition A Few Years Later