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  • Avatar for Gamer-Law Gamer-Law 4 days ago

    @mattcom26 - Could not have said it any better. Reviews for Cosmic Star Heroine were all over the place when it first released, but I thought the game was better than most of those suggested. The story is convoluted, but that did not detract from the experience. The combat system works perfectly and character designs really stand out. I hope to be able to grab a physical copy whenever LRG gets around to selling it.

    Posted in Axe of the Blood God: Our Final Fantasy XII: Zodiac Age Review

  • Avatar for Gamer-Law Gamer-Law 6 days ago

    For JRPG July, I am going back to finish Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness. Played the first few hours several months ago and then set it to the side. The beginning left me with the impression that while it is not the strongest SO title, it was not deserving of the hate it received in many reviews/comment threads.

    After that, it is back to Ever Oasis.

    Posted in USgamer Community Question: What Game Are You Playing for JRPG July?

  • Avatar for Gamer-Law Gamer-Law 6 days ago

    @mattb0527 - Fair points all around. You are right that not every pre-PS2 era FF release incorporated the high fantasy lore in its stories (IV did for most of the game, but your point is well-taken).

    That said, the first 9 or 10 main entry titles retained enough of what I would term 'traditional FF elements' to keep the game recognizable and enjoyable for me. Following IX or X, the aggregate value of all the changes made to the new FF releases left me underwhelmed and wondering what had happened to the franchise.

    There were certainly changes between FF I and II, III and IV, etc., but nothing as radical as if you tried to go from VI to XIII. For example, I can look at FF III and V and find similarities. Same with IV and VI. If one tried to find consistencies betwen VI and XIII, however...well, I wish you luck. There is no identifiable consistency between those two games.

    My point is simply that even as installments within a franchise change, in my opinion fans should be able to recognize elements within those new installments that make them somewhat (if not instantly) familiar. For me, that has not been the case since FF IX or X.

    Completely agree with your points on Bravely Default/Second. I really hope that we see future (non-mobile) installments in that series. Great stories, battle systems, characters and soundtracks.

    Posted in How Final Fantasy XII's Development Troubles Presaged a Tough Decade for the Series

  • Avatar for Gamer-Law Gamer-Law 6 days ago

    Some interesting history, Kat. Thanks for the article.

    From my perspective, the problems with the Final Fantasy 'brand' started before XII entered its development purgatory. XII, XIII and most recently XV were evidence of the fact that Square had lost sight of what made FF games truly special. When they abandoned traditional elements like the ATB combat system, high fantasy lore settings, etc., I largely lost interest in the series. As someone who grew up loving every release on NES, SNES, PS1 (with the exception of VIII which served as the first indication that the series was headed down the wrong track) and GBA, it has been maddening to watch the direction (or directions) in which the series has been taken.

    I know that times change and Square felt a need to alter the FF brand with the intent of keeping it relevant. What they managed to accomplish, however, involved taking an inspired formula and turning it into something many of the more traditional fans no longer recognized. FF XV was the first FF game I could not even bring myself to finish because the combat was too frenetic.

    Ultimately, I realize mine is a distinctly minority opinion. Plenty of fans still buy FF games and are more open to the new directions the series is traveling. They cannot understand why I say things like: "Bravely Default and Bravely Second are the greatest FF games since IX." Nostalgia is a powerful force, I suppose, and following my experience with XV, I prefer to remember the series the way it was.

    Posted in How Final Fantasy XII's Development Troubles Presaged a Tough Decade for the Series

  • Avatar for Gamer-Law Gamer-Law 9 days ago

    If we get that amazing silver/black Slime Dragon Quest 2DS that Japan is getting, then count me in.

    Posted in Nintendo New 2DS XL Review: The 3DS Model You Should Own

  • Avatar for Gamer-Law Gamer-Law 21 days ago

    Perhaps my expectations were sufficiently managed by reviews such as Kat's, but I started the game last night and did not find it to be the parade of horribles that most people have suggested. While no one would mistake it for GOTY material, I believe it has enough redeeming qualities to keep my interest.

    Kat is right--the battles are largely repetitive and the combat system required fine tuning. The hack and slash combat is somewhat similar to recent Star Ocean titles, but awkward pauses to facilitate certain character actions are thrown in for good measure. It is tough to describe, but suffice to say combat takes some getting used to.

    The story has held my interest thus far and the soundtrack really is outstanding. If you can get a first print copy of the game at the GCU or Prime price, it is worth paying that just to have the soundtrack cd.

    I went in fully appreciating that this was not a Valkyria Chronicles game and I think that kept my level of disappointment to a minimum. The game is absolutely worth trying. Negative reviews sometimes have a snowball effect where it becomes fashionable to pile on. I think Kat thoroughly and fairly addressed the game's shortfalls, but I also believe that a sufficient number of redeeming qualities make this game worth looking into.

    Posted in Valkyria Revolution Review: War Crimes

  • Avatar for Gamer-Law Gamer-Law 22 days ago

    @yuberus - Great analogy. Each time I see a forum post asking "What happened to Shining Force?" I just shake my head and walk away.

    Posted in Valkyria Revolution Review: War Crimes

  • Avatar for Gamer-Law Gamer-Law A month ago

    I am all in on the Radiant Historia remake. It is such an underrated gem--arguably one of my top 10 games of all time. In many ways I am glad that Atlus opted for a remake as opposed to a sequel. The story, as I recall, wrapped up nicely and I am not sure where a sequel would go.

    That said, I will never understand why Atlus keeps sending Radiant Historia out in the waning days of a system's life. They did the same in 2011 when they originally released it on the DS. It was overlooked by many because fans were moving on to the 3DS. Releasing the RH remake on Switch would have been the smarter play at this point.

    Posted in Etrian Odyssey 5 Heading West This Fall, SMT: Strange Journey and Radiant Historia in 2018

  • Avatar for Gamer-Law Gamer-Law A month ago

    @Kat.Bailey - Great interview, Kat! It was interesting to read the developer insight after finishing the game. I think it provides a better understanding of what they set out to accomplish with Echoes.

    The level of difficulty in a particular Fire Emblem game is somewhat subjective. Having played all of the games in the series, I realize that I will probably not expereince the same challenges in a new title as someone who is playing their first FE title. That said, I would point to Thracia 776 and Radiant Dawn as two of the more difficult games in the series. Even FE Fates Conquest on Hard presented a far greater challenge than Echoes on Hard/Classic.

    Having played Gaiden several years ago, I enjoyed the updated experience in Echoes. For a variety of reasons, I did not find the game to be as challenging as several reviewers initially suggested. As Ralek notes, the Cantors and enemy summons presented more of an annoyance than a challenge. I don't want to spoil anyone's experience by posting the strategy that I used, so I will just say that finding the right strategy helped a lot in clearing the Cantors and their summons.

    The relatively low stat growths in Echoes means that character development is varied and can be entirely different in subsequent play throughs. This definitely enhances replayability for those who want another go at it.

    Overall, another solid entry in the FE series. Looking forward to what IS brings us on the Switch!

    Posted in How Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia Modernized a Forgotten 8-bit Strategy Classic for the 3DS

  • Avatar for Gamer-Law Gamer-Law A month ago

    @cldmstrsn - They are making a physical version of Lost Sphear for both the PS4 and Switch. Physical version is available exclusively through the North America Square eStore. Preorders are happening now.

    There is an english-physical version of I Am Setsuna for Switch as well. You can buy it from VGPlus.

    Posted in I Am Setsuna Studio Pays More Homage To Chrono Trigger With Lost Sphear