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  • Avatar for Hoolo Hoolo 1 days ago

    I'll be honest here, the only spin-offs I really need are Rocket Slime games (since I'm unable to play Builders, so I'm not letting myself get hung up on that).

    After becoming familiar with Dragon Quest through IV, V, and VI, I looked for more of them, and the one that really stood out to me was Rocket Slime for the NDS. It was just so fun and so charming, like all good Dragon Quest games are, but it was also kind of like Zelda? In other words, pretty great. Even if some puns were reportedly put off the table because the Japanese team didn't understand some of the funnier ones.

    Since Dragon Quest VII and VIII released on 3DS in the west, all I've really wanted (aside from a western 3DS XI release) were for the original Slime Mori Mori on GBA and the third game on 3DS to release in the west, too. And there's no good translation patch for the GBA game even, what kind of nonsense is that? It's a very sad business all around.

    Posted in Dragon Quest Heroes 2 vs Dragon Quest Builders: Which Spin-Off Is Right for You?

  • Avatar for Hoolo Hoolo 2 days ago

    I already said something similar in the news post for the new 2DS, but now that I remember the correct term for stereoscopic 3D.

    Maybe if Nintendo had come out with stereoscopic 3D right out of the gate, the 3D would have caught on with more developers and players. I got my 3DS in late 2014, I think it was (ALBW launch) and though it was on the market for three years already, 3D was still limited to sitting in a specific spot in front of the device. Of course, the technology was too expensive, so for most people it was just a slightly more powerful NDS device.

    I don't think Pokémon really had any 3D, at least not in the battles, and I'm pretty sure Dragon Quests VII and VIII didn't have it either. Most of the 3D I used, sometimes when I remembered that slider existed, was in Ace Attorney, where you can actually put down the game and play it without impeding your ability to play (looking at you, Zelda). Alas, 3D, you were never more than a novelty, though I'll forgive you because you weren't forcing me to wear TWO PAIRS OF GLASSES AT THE SAME GORRAM TIME.

    Posted in The 2DS XL is More Proof That 3D Was Kind of a Bust for Nintendo

  • Avatar for Hoolo Hoolo 3 days ago

    I only very rarely use the 3D on my 3DS, usually only to see if a game actually has 3D in the first place, so it's not that big of a loss. Maybe if mine actually had the 3D that follows you around, but eh. At least it has the clamshell, I could see the 2DS getting screwed over by scratches more easily if you don't get a screen protector. For now, though, my Zelda ALBW 3DS XL is still fine, so I'm not up/down/sidegrading.

    What I don't get is why people are hyping over the white/orange so much. I like the white part, but why's it got to be orange? It looks so weird.
    ...I guess I'm orange-fatigued, what with having a royal family of Oranges in this country.

    Posted in Nintendo Randomly Announces The New Nintendo 2DS XL

  • Avatar for Hoolo Hoolo 5 days ago

    Last week I noticed something... I was no longer invested in Fire Emblem Heroes. It took two months, but now I no longer feel like playing it. I still open the app every day like a Good Boy™, just like with Miitomo, but only to get the daily free stuff. least Miitomo allows me to dress up my friends without gacha mechanics.

    Posted in Fire Emblem Heroes Graces Us With Ike's Radiance Tomorrow

  • Avatar for Hoolo Hoolo 6 days ago

    I read this and think "that's an amazing idea! When I get a Switch later, I would definitely use that!"

    But then I stop to think and wonder "can you actually use the Switch controller to play the games you're streaming from your PC?" I don't know! I am unaware of how Nvidia streaming works (PS4 Remote Play I assume uses a Vita?), so I don't know what the current logistics are. It would be very awkward if you were streaming a game from your PC to your Nintendo Switch, yet had to use an Xbox or Dualshock controller to play these games. Though I hear the Switch Pro Controller works with PCs as well, so that would be within the realm of possibilities... but for real portable play with the Switch, you'd need the Joycons to work.

    Posted in Rainway Wants to Bring PC Game Streaming to Switch and More

  • Avatar for Hoolo Hoolo 22 days ago

    @JohnnyBananas @moochan Another big reason, from what I recall, is Takashi Tokita. I'm sure it's true that a great many Square people hold IV as their favourite, but it's mostly because it was his first time as lead game designer that there are as many ports for that game as there are consoles under the sun. Because it's his baby game, he is okay with getting it out everywhere, but when asked about FFVI getting similar treatment, he said he didn't want to step on anyone's toes, because he wasn't involved in that game. The message was basically "the FFVI team should be working on remakes/ports if anyone is going to do it".

    Now if only that meant Tokita would port Live-A-Live to every console under the sun as well, maybe we could actually play that game in English in an official capacity.Edited 4 weeks ago by Unknown

    Posted in The Best Version of Every Final Fantasy Game

  • Avatar for Hoolo Hoolo 22 days ago

    Very glad the third game is also getting the Steam treatment, alongside Cold Steel. When I have oodles upon oodles of time, I'll probably break into the series and play them one after another, but for now it's nice to now I will eventually have the opportunity to actually do so. Just not anytime soon, but that's okay.

    Posted in The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel, Trails in the Sky the 3rd Releasing on PC This Summer

  • Avatar for Hoolo Hoolo A month ago

    @NiceGuyNeon Yea, I've watched Nintendo's The Making Of videos, where they mention how they used the Jōmon period as an inspiration for much of the world's ruins and things. It's a really neat style.

    Posted in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Is Based Around a Perfect Apocalypse

  • Avatar for Hoolo Hoolo A month ago

    Haven't gotten around to playing it yet, and likely won't for a while, so I hadn't let it sink in yet that this is a post-apocalypse world. Sometimes I'm slow like that. But with this take, I am reminded of one of the most beautiful films of all time: Hayao Miyazaki's Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind. (And also the manga it was based on)

    Much like Breath of the Wild's world, the slice of Nausicaä's world we see is beautiful. Giant trees litter great stretches of land called Seas of Decay, because they're lethal to humans. The world can live on, and it's trying to heal itself, but humans are messing things up. In fact, humans already messed things up in the past, and they continue to do so now. I guess in that sense Hyruleans are better people than humans.

    When I finally play BotW, I hope the difference between reading things about it and actually playing it as much of a revelation as watching Nausicaä and reading the manga was. I want to read and watch Miyazaki's stuff again.

    Posted in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Is Based Around a Perfect Apocalypse

  • Avatar for Hoolo Hoolo A month ago

    (Legal (and localised)) Seiken Densetsu 3 may be even more of an impetus for some people to get a Switch than MOTHER 3, I tell you what. More Hiroki Kikuta music, more party members, three different paths (I think Adventures(?) of Mana, the first FFA remake, did the same thing, but with two paths), general awesomeness? Count me in!

    If it releases on the JP Virtual Console equivalent, that'll be a great start. It didn't get released on Wii/Wii U VC, so it'd be an improvement. I'm not actually expecting it to get translated for NA/EU releases, but if it is, I'll be very much amazed and will throw actual physical money at the device while shouting for it to shut up and take my money.

    Just this morning (after seeing the tweet), I had a bit of a talk with some other RPG fans and the text in the game is put behind several compressions. It was a big part of why the fan translation in 1998 was rather difficult. I don't know nearly enough about computers and compression to know whether or not this would still be difficult today, but given Square Enix' track record, any effort is probably too much effort. I wonder if they could get M2 to fix this entire game... maybe a remake...

    @Stepout Yea, the win text bar appears after killing all the enemies on the screen. The last enemy killed then has a chance of dropping treasure.

    @SIGGYZtar "fix its various bugs and glitches"
    Oh, wait, you're serious. Let me laugh even harder.

    This game is riddled with bugs. Like, FFVI-level number of bugs. Evasion does nothing, shields don't work as intended, other buffs do weird things (elemental sabers, etc), some character-specific equipment can be equipped by everybody... There's a lot of them.Edited last month by Unknown

    Posted in Mana Series' Seiken Densetsu 3 Shown On Nintendo Switch