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  • Avatar for Hoolo Hoolo 11 days ago

    My dad was big into Supaplex for MS-DOS, which was basically Russian Boulder Dash. He really loved that game, sometimes going at it for a long time. There were 111 levels in the original game, I think the highest he ever got up to was 90 or so?
    Apparently, one time I had a primary school mate over, and his save got deleted. He was so upset, understandably. I don't remember any of it now, but I can share the feel of pain when I lose hours of progress in games, myself.

    Ah, simpler times. If only there was a good way to play that game in this day and age.

    Posted in USgamer Community Question: What Game Can You Remember Your Parents Playing?

  • Avatar for Hoolo Hoolo 15 days ago

    This will definitely be high on my Switch wishlist; would have loved to give the first DQ Builders a try, but I have no platforms to play it on... hopefully Square Enix will bring the first game to Switch as well. I could totally go for a dual-pack.

    And then dip even more into the Dragon Quest hype by (hopefully) getting the Erdrick/Loto saga on 3DS if it comes over here.
    ...when it comes over here. Gotta stay hopeful.

    Posted in Dragon Quest Builders 2 is Coming Out for PS4 and Nintendo Switch

  • Avatar for Hoolo Hoolo 25 days ago

    @PanurgeJr They are actually locked behind the amiibo, although they can only be unlocked by the amiibo after beating the game.

    I took this screengrab off of Nintendo's UK site, and it says exactly what has been reported: to get your art galleries and harder difficulties, you'll need amiibo.

    Posted in Metroid: Samus Returns is Way More Expensive if You Want to Play Everything

  • Avatar for Hoolo Hoolo 27 days ago

    It's true, games like Hey! Pikmin are very, very common these days... but I am still more interested in this game than a traditional Pikmin game. The demo was kind of fun?

    Maybe a puzzle-platformer like Hey! Pikmin can bring people like me to the more strategy-driven traditional Pikmin games, kind of like how Nintendo's mobile titles are supposed to bring casual players to the more traditional games. Who knows? I think that's very much an option.

    Posted in Hey! Pikmin Review: A Classic Strategy Game Becomes an Adequate Puzzle Platformer

  • Avatar for Hoolo Hoolo A month ago

    Personally I don't expect I'll be feeling the loss of this very much; I'm not a very social player, shunning both people and competitive play in most cases... but I can still see Nintendo is continually making bad moves when it comes to online. Well, maybe not bad, but certainly sub-par.

    The biggest loss for me is still the Nintendo WFC going down, meaning that Dragon Quest IX is now an incomplete game if you start a new game (like it was very complete without good Streetpass, pssht). I think it's all on the cartridge, though, so I might just go find a device to unlock the things, unless Square Enix releases a remake à la DQVII/VIII before I feel the urge to play it.

    Posted in The Slow, Stumbling History of Nintendo Online Support

  • Avatar for Hoolo Hoolo A month ago

    I finished up Final Fantasy VIII already, but that was in June, really... Meanwhile I'm back in Legend of Legacy, which I finished up last week or so. Or Garnet's path, at least. Going through a bit of New Game+ on Filmia's path, now. Who knows, maybe I'll get seven playthroughs in at some point...! Ha ha... ha...

    And hopefully I'll get motivated enough to get Etrian Odyssey IV this month, too. I love exploring and drawing maps, but have always been intimidated by what I hear about its difficulty. We'll see what happens.

    On that note...

    Posted in USgamer Community Question: What Game Are You Playing for JRPG July?

  • Avatar for Hoolo Hoolo A month ago

    I'm up for about half of the games on this list (and about half of the games on the SNES Classic, too), some real good choices. I'll join you in preaching the good of Quintet games, Chrono Trigger's unfortunate no-show (probably because you can still play the NDS game on a 3DS), but what really gets me is the lack of Lufia. Curse of the Sinistrals for the NDS is an *okay* game with *phenomenal* music, I tell you what. But if I have to put it side-by-side with Lufia II? Screw you, Jeros, you're growing up parentless even in a second playthrough because Lufia II is so good. I never finished the game and haven't had the motivation to try again because Square Enix won't release the game on Virtual Console. :s

    But E.V.O.? Really now? You were doing such a good job, and then you brought up E.V.O. No amount of Koichi Sugiyama music will make me play that game ever again, because it is hard as balls and doesn't explain anything about your possible upgrades. Urrrrrrgh. No thanks.

    Posted in 10 Games We Can't Help but Notice Are Missing from the SNES Classic Edition

  • Avatar for Hoolo Hoolo A month ago

    Yay, Caty name-dropped Rakuen! That game is so good, can't wait to see a write-up down the line. It deserves all the attention it can get and more.

    I'll name-drop RIVE as usual, because it's so much fun (and my name is in the credits somewhere). Other than that, I'll probably pick up Final Fantasy IX and a bunch of puzzle games, even though I have like 60 other games on my wishlist. Sorry guys! My already-purchased backlog is still too big.

    Posted in The Steam Summer Sale Is Live, and Has Deals Galore

  • Avatar for Hoolo Hoolo 2 months ago

    Following up on the Earthbound/MOTHER 4 hack, the game is called Unearthed now. And it's being worked on by a Toronto-based Canadian! Maybe Nadia can bring the guy in when the game is finally finished? That would be a nice change of pace.

    Posted in Axe of the Blood God 109: Nadia and Kat Gab About the RPGs at E3 2017

  • Avatar for Hoolo Hoolo 2 months ago

    @Jaegermeist3r I have done like zero looking-into the actual working of the Vita, but I am certain that if I got one, I would need an NA account, as the European PSN just lacks so many games. Like, it's not even funny how many games. I wonder how long it will take for Vita to be completely discontinued by Sony, and whether my lack of commitment to getting one will eventually make it a lot more difficult (impossible) for me to easily get one.

    Posted in New Study Finds That Gamers Don't Really Use Backwards Compatibility