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  • Avatar for Jaegermeist3r Jaegermeist3r 11 days ago

    If SEGA can publish and sell yakuza with success then it shouldn't be a problem marketing Phoenix Wright the right way (the pun is intended). At least that's what I hope. Yakuza gives a good example because by releasing yakuza 0 the series got a really nice push. So basically Capcom should make a prequel and then remake /release the older titles for switch.

    Posted in Capcom Promises More Nintendo Switch Support, Including Ace Attorney Games

  • Avatar for Jaegermeist3r Jaegermeist3r 28 days ago

    You could only use the GameCube controller on the Wii U with SSB for Wii U as far as I know.

    Posted in Nintendo Switch Supports The GameCube Adapter Now

  • Avatar for Jaegermeist3r Jaegermeist3r 3 months ago

    never played nioh. But damn i love me some post rock <3

    Posted in Nioh: Defiant Honor DLC Review: Hardcore Will Never Die, but You Will

  • Avatar for Jaegermeist3r Jaegermeist3r 4 months ago

    @Roto13 you should. it has aged really well. I replayed it last year and it was a ton of fun.

    Posted in Luigi Is Better Than Mario

  • Avatar for Jaegermeist3r Jaegermeist3r 4 months ago

    You forgot one point: he's doing some serious ghost hunting in his spare time (to save his brother). That's why I love the Luigi's mansion games. They put Luigi in the hot spot including all the charming little details like his whistling.

    Posted in Luigi Is Better Than Mario

  • Avatar for Jaegermeist3r Jaegermeist3r 4 months ago

    The soundtrack of Nier:Automata is so good, that i bought it instantaneously (and never stopped listening). I'm a big fan of publishers (especially japanese) putting their music on download services like Itunes etc. Therefore i don't know need to pay the high CD/ Vinyl prices and can support the artist. Win/Win for everyone.

    Posted in Final Fantasy XV and XIV Stormblood, the SNES Classic, and Other Big Headlines From the Past Week

  • Avatar for Jaegermeist3r Jaegermeist3r 4 months ago

    By releasing the SNES Mini, Nintendo will give me another chance to tackle those RPG Classics.
    Secret of Mana and Final Fantasy 6 are still on my bucket list and are waiting to be started and finished. I'm thrilled finally to play the games on my TV ( I don't own a Wii either so there is no legal way to play those games). There is the Steam version of FF6 but the graphics are looking really ugly.
    Furthermore, Nintendo releases after all this years some official SNES-Controllers, which are superior to the 3rd party controllers (although the Buffalo SNES-USB-Controllers are quite ok).
    Playing with original hardware is way more satisfying then playing with rebuilds.

    A more general question:
    USGamer will probably get a test unit of the SNES Mini, so how do you decide on who will review hardware in general ?

    Posted in Axe of the Blood God: The Super NES Classic Appears, Valkyria Revolution Fails

  • Avatar for Jaegermeist3r Jaegermeist3r 5 months ago

    Beyond good and evil ... A good friend of mine keeps telling me to play the game and I'm always curious to play it. But then another title shows up and hinders me to play it (Damn you persona 5!). Also I need to set up my PS3 again to play it so there is another obstacle. By announcing BGE 2, they finally give me another good reason to play it.

    Posted in After Nearly 15 Years, Beyond Good and Evil 2 is Finally Here

  • Avatar for Jaegermeist3r Jaegermeist3r 5 months ago

    @Hoolo i'm not entirely if the sony still supports the Vita. There no Vitas in my local stores and everytime i visited the stores the Vita games section has shrunk even more. So in my opinion there is no official support of Sony anymore. I bought a used one and I'm not regretting getting it. If you should get one, a NA or CA PSN is really recommended because the versions on EU PSN are the PAL one so the games will run at 50 Hz. Also, every few weeks there is a sale on the NA/ CA PSN where you can grab certain PSOne Classics for about ~3 $.

    Posted in New Study Finds That Gamers Don't Really Use Backwards Compatibility

  • Avatar for Jaegermeist3r Jaegermeist3r 5 months ago

    @Hoolo go for the Vita. I bought the Vita last year and have been replaying old PSOne titles like castlevania SotN and both suikodens. I didn't own a PSOne back in the day but with the Vita and a US PSN account I can enjoy the heck out of them. A nice bonus are the visual novels and RPG from the PSP that you can play too. If you want to play the games on the TV the Vita TV should suffice. But if you want to go all in, buy both Vita and Vita TV for the ultimate switch-like experience.

    Posted in New Study Finds That Gamers Don't Really Use Backwards Compatibility